The Basics

Where should I start? What do I need to play?

There are two ways to answer that question - one in terms of HârnWorld, the other in terms of HârnMaster:


Our core module for HârnWorld is Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia. This is supported by two free modules which provide an introduction to Venârivè (the region where the island of Hârn is located):

  • Venârivè Player Guide, a 20-page guide for players to the Venârivè region.
  • Venârivè Index, a 30-page reference index, included in the main product, but also available as a stand-alone download.

The full world of Kèthîra, including the wider continent of Lýthia, is described in Kèthîra: World of Hârn.

The island kingdom of Chélemby provides an excellent base for Gamemasters and players from which to explore HârnWorld. It is described in a series of publications and free downloads, including a player guide.

Finally, we provide a high quality interactive map of the island of Hârn.


You can use any fantasy role-playing rules system to game using HârnWorld, but obviously HârnMaster is designed specifically for this world.

We provide four products in the HârnMaster range. HârnMaster Gold: Player Edition is the starter product.

Explore our Products section for details of all the modules and rules we have on offer.

What format are your products in?

Most of our products are eBooks in PDF format. They are bookmarked to allow for easy navigation. They can be displayed using Adobe Reader, which is freely available.

Our eBooks are also optimised for printing, if you prefer physical books at your gaming table or for reading on your couch.

Important: Official HârnWorld and HârnMaster products are only available from this website.

The advantages of PDF (Portable Document Format) are as follows:

  • We can present full colour publications at much lower prices.
  • We can present publications of any length at the same consistent quality.
  • We can update our publications easily, cheaply and as often as nessessary.
  • Customers do not have to pay shipping costs.
  • Customers receive their eBooks immediately and do not have to wait for shipping.
  • eBooks weigh a lot less than Physical books. (Which means quite a lot to a GM trying to bring 12 books to a gaming session.)

Why should I register at What can I do with an account?

Without an account, you can browse everything but not interact with anything.

When you register and log in, you can write forum posts, write comments to news items, chat in our online Tavern, vote in polls, purchase Hârn and HârnMaster products, access free downloads, and more.

Registering an account at is free and easy.

There are no disadvantages. Using member-authentication keeps the site free of spam and provides you with a more individual community experience. We won't give your information to anyone.

What is Keléstia Productions?

Keléstia Productions Ltd is the company owned by the family and estate of the creator of Hârn, N. Robin Crossby, which is tasked with fulfilling Robin's vision for the world of Hârn, Kèthîra and for the HârnMaster rules system. (On the world of Hârn, "Keléstia" is the scholars' name for the multiverse, the cosmic all containing everything.)

Kelestia Productions is largely a volunteer-run organisation, with many contributors making up the team known as HârnMakers. Some of the key personnel involved are:

Jeremy Baker - Project Director
Ken Snellings - Assistant Director
Rob Duff - Technical Director
Arien Crossby - Family / Estate representative
Jan Schulze Elshoff - Webmaster

The income from sales of Kelestia Productions products goes mainly to cover the costs of production, principally artists, and provide (small) royalty payments to the estate of N. Robin Crossby.

Who was N. Robin Crossby?

N. Robin Crossby was the creator of the fantasy world of Hârn and Keléstia, and the HârnMaster role-playing rules system. He developed the world and rules systems over several decades, and established Kelestia Productions in 2003.

Robin was born in London, UK, of Anglo-Welsh parents, but lived much of his life in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. Robin passed away in 2008, but his legacy is being continued by his family and friends through Kelestia Productions Ltd.

Robin had been writing, mapping and illustrating HârnWorld and HârnMaster since the mid-seventies — but began creating other role-playing material, and using them in games (both 'pen & paper' and 'LARP') in the 1960s while still living in England.

He continued to develop, and re-develop, his vision of Hârn and the world of Kèthîra for many years. Robin left a great deal of uncompleted work and many ideas; the team at Kelestia Productions Ltd are committed to working, as much as they can, to fullfiling Robin's dreams for his created world.

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