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A message to all our visitors

Dear friends of HârnWorld and HârnMaster,

We, the Keléstia Productions team, wish you all the best during these trying times. We hope you stay healthy and wish any who are ill a speedy recovery.

For a while, roleplayers will have to find alternative ways to pursue their hobby. One good solution certainly is having RPG sessions online via voice or video chat. There are great (and free of charge) tools that allow you to do so. If you’ve never tried this form of role-playing before, you might want to check it out now. It’s still traditional gaming and actually very close to meeting in person. It allows us to keep a safe distance while still exploring fantastic worlds together with our friends.

At Keléstia Productions, we’re using this time to get even more productive than before. While we can’t promise anything given how fluid the situation is, you never know what surprises we may be able to provide for you over the next few weeks and months!

Till then: #stayhome #staysafe #bekind

Elánas Gazetteer - Hèpekéria's Treacherous Southern Straits


Following on from our release last year of Menêma - Hèpekéria's Maritime Crossroads, we are delighted to release the second in our series of Regional Maps and Gazetteers for the sub-continent of Hèpekéria.

This product covers the Kingdoms of Árlanto and Xêrium, and the eastern part of the Falânian Federation, as well as tribal lands of the Naj'er Númec, the Búqdin, Elánasi and Hérei. The region is named for the reef-filled and treacherous waters that separate Hèpekéria from Northern Anzelôria - the Elánas - and consequently is something of a backwater due to the difficulties of maritime passage through these waters. This does not meant it is not an area ripe for adventure and exploration - quite the contrary!

This module includes an electronic map suitable for printing at 50cmx37.5cm (20”x15”).

For further details, and to purchase, click here.

Printed version of the Hârnic Tarot released

We are delighted to announce that after several years of development, a printed version of the the official Hârnic Tarot deck is now available for purchase in our store, alongside a new, revised 3rd edition of the Hârnic Tarot PDF module.

This is the Hârnic Tarot as it was always intended to exist. This 72-card deck features beautiful, detailed illustrations created by Elise Stevens, all as described by the original Hârnic Tarot. These cards are perfect for in-game divination, or simply as a unique collectors' item.

The deck measures 2.5 × 5 inches and comes in a drawstring velvet pouch. In addition to the printed card deck, this product also includes a free download of the new edition of the Hârnic Tarot PDF module, to explain the rules and reading procedures.

For further details, and to purchase, click here.

Website overhaul

Kelestia.com has a new look: It's clean, modern, and – most importantly – mobile-friendly (finally). We also tidied up the navigation and site structure a bit and tried to make things easier to find and to use. We hope you will enjoy using this new version of Kelestia.com.

If you have any comments about the new layout, please share them with us on the Forums or contact us directly via the Contact form.

Menêma - Hèpekéria's Maritime Crossroads


We are pleased to publish the first of four Regional Maps and Gazetteers for the sub-continent of Hèpekéria. The first of these is Menêma - Hèpekéria's Maritime Crossroads.

This publication covers the Kingdoms of Menêma, Dýsor, Geména and Vítho, and the wild lands of Dálani. It also outlines the Númec lands of the Lawâta and 'Air tribes, and the subsidiary realm, Azúwirat. Over 100 entries are described.

This is a fascinating region, with the Kôrlic realms of Dýsor and Geména overshadowed by the powerful Ivínian-dominated Kingdom of Menêma. To the south and east is the Àzeryáni colony realm of Vítho, while inland the Númec 'Air and Lawâta tribes are dominant.

This module includes an electronic map suitable for printing at 50cmx37.5cm (20”x15”).

For further details, and to purchase, click here.