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Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia is published

Venarive CoverIt is with great pleasure that Keléstia Productions Ltd announces that Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia is now available for purchase and download.

This product is, in many ways, our core module. It provides key background and gaming material for Gamemasters and players to explore the wide region of northwestern Lýthia. Not only does it provide information on all the realms, kingdoms, empires and principalities of the region, but it provides guidance on their cultures and languages, social structures, law, military forces, economics and trade, the guilds, and on the daily life of people across the region.

This downloadable electronic product contains:

  • a 250-page full colour module (with over 45 illustrations, more than 15 maps and over 30 arms and badges)
  • a multi-layered interactive PDF map of Venârivè (with 45 different layers)
  • a single-layered PDF map of Venârivè (with the 'default' settings for the main map)
  • a 30-page Venârivè Index (also available as a free download)
  • Venarive Tables (relevant data from the Venârivè module in a spreadsheet format)
Venarive Map

Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia is supported by two free downloads, which also provide a good preview of the content of the module:

  • Venârivè Player Guide, a 20-page guide for players to the Venârivè region.
  • Venârivè Index, a 30-page reference index, included in the main product, but also available as a stand-alone download.

New product release this weekend....

Just thought some people might be interested to know we are releasing a new product this weekend.

I wonder what it could be...



Chéler Index

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An index of the content of the principal products which describe the Kingdom of Chélemby:

  • Kingdom of Chélemby
  • Chélemby: City of the Sea Kings
  • Evánekin
  • Kolâdis

This product will continue to be updated as new Chélemby products are released.

Journey to Ábrelyn - Part V

Journey to Ábrelyn (a tale of Emélrenè) - Part V - the Holy One

After a night of deep, restful sleep, Kélroth was woken by the light through the high windows that ran along the southeast facing wall of the hall of rest. An attendant waiting at the end of the hall rose and provided him with clean robes, and a basin to wash. Once he was clean and dressed, a simple meal was provided, and soon Ohláren returned.

Journey to Ábrelyn - Part IV

Journey to Ábrelyn (a tale of Emélrenè) - Part IV - High Ábrelyn

Kélroth ran and ran. He ran till his lungs burned, his legs ached and he felt his heart would near give out.

He ran from the cries, the deep-dark-falling-pit of horror that lay behind him. On and on, up and up, along the narrow winding trail, around stands of rocks, down vale and up over ridges.