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Captain Márden's Tale: Part 5 - Ships' Papers

When Tárenis was woken the next morning by the cries of someone selling bread in the streets outside, it took him a few moments to remember where he was. The window over the canal was open once more and the light of the early morning was streaming in. He then realised that neither Márden nor Kélas were in the room.

He rose, splashed some water on his face from a basin on a nightstand, and went in search of his companions.

He found them both in the dinning hall, where they were finishing their morning meal. Orténis was with them, but didn't appear to be eating.

Shôrkýnè Regional Map

Keléstia Productions is proud to announce the release of our latest interactive map for the region of Shôrkýnè. This map covers the realms and principalities of Shôrkýnè, Hârbáal, Chélemby, and Huriséa, as well as touching on parts of Emélrenè, Járenmark, Quârphor, Lánkor, and Tríerzòn.

This map is a designed to support and complement a range of current and future Keléstia Productions publications, including our Chélemby and Lédenheim publications.

The map includes all of the geographical and settlement features from N. Robin Crossby’s original Shôrkýnè map, with many additional features identified. There are more than 1,100 geographical and settlement features on this map, which are listed in the accompanying 8-page index.

This map is in the same style as the Hârn Interactive Map, providing the same level of functionality and flexibility. In addition, a bonus, smaller file-size 'vector-only' version of the map is provided for those wanting ready and speedy access the wealth of information which supports this map.

Shôrkýnè Region

Captain Márden's Tale: Part 4 - The Great City

Elýn RegionThe small boat made its way through tall reeds and waterways, which became progressively more open and less congested with weeds and plants as they went on.

Kélas paddled the boat from the rear, while Márden and Tárenis sat before him. It was a quiet, chilled autumn morning, and they moved swiftly through the water. They had risen early, and left the marshfolk village of Káis Alwás just after dawn. It was now several hours later, and the weak sun was glinting through ragged clouds.

Corrections to HârnMaster Gold Combat Tables (version 2)

We have made a number of corrections to errors in the HârnMaster Gold Combat Tables, and to the Weapon Data Tables.

The fixes made include addressing:

  • fixed the errors for Defence Classes on the Weapon Comparison Table (page 133)
  • adding the missing Tower Shield column in the Weapon Comparison Table (page 133)
  • adding the missing Battleaxe entry in Attack Class 4 (page 133)
  • corrects the column shift for missile attacks (page 137)
  • adding the missing Passive Cover Guide (page 138)
  • fixing various typos on pages 133-137
  • correctly identifying the Attack and Defence Class of HârnMaster Gold weapons (pages 139-141).

Copies of HârnMaster Gold Player Edition downloaded after 26 September 2010 include these changes.

You can also separately download two sets of tables with these corrections:

HârnMaster Gold Combat Tables 2010 (version 2)

HârnMaster Gold Weapon Data Table 2010 (version 2)

We are committed to constantly improving our products, so we very much appreciate the feedback and support of our customers. Any customer who has previously purchased HârnMaster Gold Player Edition can freely re-download the product. If you have any difficulties downloading this file, please contact us.

Are the stars right?

From now on, you can easily see for yourself: Hârn fan Michael Jung has created an online tool that shows the constellations visible from Kèthîra on a specific location and on a specific day of the year.

With the help of this tool, you can now see what your character sees when he looks up to a starlit nightsky.

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