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Are the stars right?

From now on, you can easily see for yourself: Hârn fan Michael Jung has created an online tool that shows the constellations visible from Kèthîra on a specific location and on a specific day of the year.

With the help of this tool, you can now see what your character sees when he looks up to a starlit nightsky.

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Minor additions to Chélemby City

We have made minor additions to the text of the Chélemby City module to clarify the status and role of the Seamans' Guild in Chélemby, in response to a query from a customer.

These changes are primarily in the entry for the Guilds' Hall and Trade House (Indholden entry 16), on page I8. There are also minor consequential additions on pages 13 and 14. The Chéler Index has also been updated.

Those who have previously purchased Chélemby City can redownload the module for free.

Captain Márden's Tale: Part 3 - A Desperate Flight

"We have to rest", said Tárenis, turning to his companion, Márden, as the two young men reached the pass of Kel Stûras, having ridden hard north across the barony of Néln, avoiding all contact with locals.

Their horses were exhausted, and the two young men were equally tired, not having halted since leaving the ford of Òdelýn. They had begun their journey early that morning, had slept little the night before, and had been travelling south on this same route only the day before.

Captain Márden's Tale: Part 2 - A House of Cards

Márden paced back and forth in his Lord's chamber, his mind racing. What had happened? Why was the constable, Sir Hâraden, concerned? And what did it all have to do with him?

Tárenis had tried to keep his friend calm, but given up. He sat, moodily, at the great table. He was just as perplexed as his companion.

Márden stopped pacing.

"What in all of Keléstia is all this about?" he fumed. "And why, of all things, has the constable locked you, my Lord's son, and I in these chambers?"

Tárenis shrugged. "I have no more idea than you, Márden. Come; sit down and wait. My father said he would be with us soon - then we will know what this is all about."

Captain Márden's Tale: Part 1 - A Noble Squire

Centaur“See, there... a fine goose..." whispered the young man to his companion.

The two were well dressed, in fine leathers and boots, but were hunkered low amongst tall reeds in the midst of a wide expanse of marshland that extended to the horizon.

Before them, on a stretch of open water, was a fine wild goose, hunting and searching for food in the margins. A cool autumn breeze blew gently across the pool.

His companion, a tall, dark-haired young man, quietly and smoothly drew back his bow, pulling back a long dark arrow. He held steady for some moments, judging the windspeed and distance, then let fly. The arrow flew straight to its mark, and deep into the chest of the goose, which let out a strangled cry, then slumped down in the water.