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HârnMaster Preview 4

Realism and immersiveness are hallmarks of the HârnMaster role-playing rules system and will also be cornerstones of the new HârnMaster: Kèthîra (HMK) edition of the game. One area in which HMK will expand these concepts is character psychology, with stress and fear being among the most important and impactful aspects for gameplay purposes.

In this fourth preview of the new HârnMaster, we give you a glimpse into the psychology rules from the Mental Trauma section of the rulebook. It shows how various extreme events and encounters can believably influence a character's short-term and long-term personality and behavior. Among the completely new concepts included in the preview are Psyche Traits that can be acquired during play (and not just during character creation) as well as rules for rallying characters who have lost their nerve.

The preview brochure can be downloaded from the Free Stuff→Previews section. We hope you enjoy the read and -- as usual -- look forward to your comments.

In case you missed our previous preview articles, they can be found here: Preview 1, Preview 2, Preview 3.

More characters from Palíthanè

We continue our Character Vignettes series, presenting important characters from Palíthanè. This time, we have two neighboring earls for you: Elbýn alrí Rádsen and Avaârl alri Zylósen. Both are strongly religious, but with clashing faiths: one a follower of Laráni, the other of Ágrik. A situation ripe for conflict...

The character vignettes can be found in the Free Stuff→Lore section. Enjoy!

HârnMaster Preview 3

Our third preview of the new HârnMaster deals with one of the most iconic aspects of the game system: its combat rules. HârnMaster is well-known for its realistic combat in terms of both its combat options and its combat results -- and today's preview will leave no doubt that the new HM's combat rules excel in both areas.

For the first time in any HM edition, weapon and attack precision are taken into account via the new Zone Dice (ZD) mechanic. Also, finally, a combatant's Strength gets the attention it deserves by receiving considerable influence on weapon damage.

In the 3-page preview brochure, we take you on a tour through the new HM's Injury Routine, covering all rules steps like body location, armor protection, damage determination, and injury effects along the way. We've also added a section on the expanded possibilities of Tactical Advantage.

The brochure can be downloaded from the Free Stuff→Previews section. We hope you enjoy reading it. If you want, you can even fight out a small-scale tabletop duel with it, using the provided broadsword and armor statistics. Let us know what you think!

In case you missed our previous preview articles, they can be found here: Preview 1, Preview 2.

Palíthanè character vignettes

While the Palíthanè module itself is still a good way off (we're aiming for a Q1 2024 release but can't make any promises), our development team is currently very busy fleshing out this fascinating realm. Part of the development process is the creation of political and religious key figures, each with carefully designed background elements and motivations. We hereby invite you to accompany us on this creative journey and share with you what we call "character vignettes", a series of biographic texts about important characters from Palíthanè. Entries will be published intermittently, as the development of the module goes along, over the course of 2023.

We're starting this off with two character vignettes: Rýdal alrí Kárisen, Count Palatine of Áthamas, and Báreth alrí Eláreneles, Count of Leshónes. You can find both in the Free Stuff→Lore section of the website. Please enjoy the read, and let us know what you think about the vignettes. Feedback is highly appreciated!

Happy 2023!

Keléstia Productions wishes you all a happy new year! We'll have more news for you in a few weeks -- so check back soon.