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Thónia - the End of the World


We are pleased to announce our second publication of 2018 - Thónia - the End of the World.

Continuing our Venârivè Almanac series, this module describes the most remote, isolated and mountainous region of all of Lýthia - the veritable 'End of the World'. Thónia is also the 'end of the world' in another sense - it suffered dramatically from the effects of the Red Death, to the extent that all the civilised states in the region collapsed, and have yet to recover.

Thónia is thus a region of wild peoples, who nevertheless have an ancient and storied past. They struggle under pressure from the natural environment, and the impact of slaving and competition from new Faláni colonies.

It’s a place ripe for adventure and exploration...

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Sánthrada - Eastern Lýthia Map and Index

Sánthrada Map and Index

Welcome to our first publication of 2018 - and this one is an exciting one. We have the first of two products which will detail the vast region of Eastern Lýthia, known by the local cousins of the Sínai as "Sánthrada".

This map and accompanying index covers the whole of Lýthia east of the Gulf of Mafán. This vast region covers many different climatic zones and is the home of many realms - including Diramóa, Lýthia's most populous realm. Other key states in Eastern Lýthia are Molkûra, the continent's most ancient realm; Shóju, aggressive island imperialists; Káneum, a realm dominated by the descendants of nomadic Khans; and eastern Mafán, with many diverse realms.

This first publication includes two PDF maps (multi and single layer), and a 14-page index of the locations noted on the maps. A full module covering the whole regions will follow.

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Atlas Keléstia - TRZN B2 (Âlwin)

TRZN-B2 Alwin

The Land Awakens...

Keléstia Productions are pleased to announce the publication of Atlas Keléstia #47.

This issue describes map square B2 (Âlwin) on the Emélrenè map. It is our most complex Atlas Keléstia issue yet - the map index is 50 pages long, and includes data for more than 420 entries.

This issue of Atlas Keléstia covers the Kingdom of Emélrenè's Âlwìna Shire and a number of surrounding areas. Âlwìna Shire is Emélrenè’s most populous and lies at the heart of the kingdom. Âlwin city is the second largest urban centre of the realm and jealously guards its rights and privileges. The ancient castle of Modána and thirteen keeps are also found in this area.

Most of the great clans of the realm hold lands here. Three of the great clans with seats in the region are in danger of ‘extinction’ due to small sizes, but in all cases, there are sub-clans with an interest in the outcome. The region is also the home of one of the clans descended from the old royal house, with associated tensions.

Other ancient tensions continue in the Môrtellyn Hundred, a region inhabited by clans with links to the area’s dark past. Nearby in the Léngardhel hills, brigandage is a growing problem, drawn by the gem mining in the region.

But most alarming is the ‘awakening’ of almost all of the Ethereal Zones (Laellyn) in the region, and the growing number of strange sightings, incidents and creatures in the area. The Émhlè rangers and the Laránian Order of the Lion Banner are both increasingly stretched to respond to these issues.

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Premium Content

At Keléstia Productions we are always looking for ways to reward our customers. Without your support, we couldn't continue to develop new material for HârnWorld and Kèthîra.

We also have a considerable amount of material that is under development, but not yet ready for publication; which we would however love to get comment and feedback on.

After quite some thought we think we have identified a way to meet both of these objectives. We are calling this Premium Content.

The way this works is simple: For any of our customers who has spent $100 or more on this website, we will make available a growing amount of 'pre-publication' material. This will be accessible from a Premium tab on the menu bar of this site. Needless to say this will only be viewable by those who have spent the necessary amount.

This material will be 'pre-publication' in that while quite some work will have gone into it, it won't be completely finalised, official or 'canon'. In fact, in many cases we will welcome feedback and comment from our customers, so that we can further improve the material before it is finalised and published.

We hope that people will find this Premium Content a welcome bonus, and we look forward to it enabling more engagement and interaction with our customers.


Jeremy Baker (aka Fastred)
Project Director

Tuvâra - The Great Southern Savannah


Upon a sea of grass...

Keléstia Productions are pleased to announce the publication of our second Venârivè Almanac product: Tuvâra - the Great Southern Savannah.

The lush savannahs between the Venârian Sea and the Anzelôrian Rainforest are home to some of Kèthîra's most remarkable fauna. They are also home to the Tuvâra - a race that combines nobility and savagery in equal measure. Gold and ivory lure many an adventurer here, as well as rumors of ancient ruins and hidden cities. But the hazards are as great as the rewards. Some will find a fortune here - others, death in the jaws of the river dragons or a life of slavery in the distant East.

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