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Summa Venâriva - a social history of Venârivè

Introducing a whole new in-depth guide to the social, religious, political and economic history of Venârivè.

For the first time, Keléstia Productions is proud to provide an extensive 130 page detailed description of the historical trends and forces that have shaped Venârivè, and which thus provides an important resource for richer, deeper roleplaying and game development.

This publication is provided in an extended essay format, both as PDF document and in two eBook formats. It includes a number of useful maps and an extensive index and glossary. It is an important addition to the Venârivè Northwestern Lýthia module.

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Atlas Keléstia - SHKN BX (Détule)

Continuing along the coast of Quandas Bay...

Keléstia Productions are happy to announce the publication of the 20th issue of Atlas Keléstia.

This issue describes map square BX (Détule) on the Shôrkýnè regional map, an area on the northern coast of the kingdom of Emélrenè and including parts of Quándas Bay and the Quándas Hills. There is growing tension between the area's settled folk and the roving 'Free Eméla', exacerbated by the increased ethereal activity in the region.

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The Atlas Keléstia index can be viewed at:

Atlas Keléstia - SHKN H6 (Vârkenheim), revised

Keléstia Productions have published the 19th issue of Atlas Keléstia. It describes map square SHKN-H6 (Vârkenheim) and details an area on the coast of southern Hârbaal, including all of the settled parts of the kingdom of Ánvâl and of Sówidh thranáal in Géltheim.

This is a revised and updated version of a map square originally included in the Atlas Keléstia "Chélemby-Géltheim Folio", published in 2004. In addition to several corrections and an improved "vegetation & relief" layer, the revised map and text include two score new minor villages as well as expanded descriptions for most older entries. Some locations marked on the original map but omitted from the original text are now described, while some locations included in the original text but not shown on the map are now marked.

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The Atlas Keléstia index can be viewed at:

(Please note: If you purchased the "Chélemby-Géltheim Folio" folio after September 2008, you are entitled to a free copy of this revised map square. Check the downloads section of your account profile.)

Atlas Keléstia - SHKN J4 (Welf)

Back into the wilderness...

Keléstia Productions have published the 18th issue of Atlas Keléstia. It describes map square SHKN-J4 (Welf) and details a rugged area in the wilderness of western Huriséa and the central Hârbáaler Alps. It includes small pieces of the Hârbáaler kingdoms of Lédenheim and Ketánia.

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The Atlas Keléstia index can be viewed at:

Trade Routes of the Émel Gálani

Émel GalaniThe Émel Gálani (Middle Straits) are the waters between the isle of Hârn and the Lýthian mainland. At their narrowest point, they are just 12 and 1/2 leagues across.

Numerous ships ply the routes through the straits, many connecting the port of Chèrafîr on the Hârnic isle of Mèlderýn to those on the mainland. Others pass between the coastal ports of Álagon, Emélrenè and Palíthanè, and beyond to locations farther north and south.

The renowned loremaster Fástred of Beréma has produced numerous charts used by the wealthier pilots and ship captains of the region.

Two versions of Master Fástred's charts are provided here: an ordinary or mundane version, which shows a selection of trade routes all at once, and a much more rare example which shows only those routes that the owner wishes to view at any given time. Only a very few of this second, magically endowed chart are in use.

Two PDF files are provided:

  • a simple PDF document, showing all the trade routes identified by the loremaster Fástred (emel_galani_f.pdf)
  • a multi-layered PDF document, which mimics the more rare document which can display a variable number of routes (emel_galan_m.pdf)

For assistance on how to use the multi-layered PDF, see http://www.kelestia.com/mapguide_faq

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