Aids & Tools

Free material to assist you at your gaming table and in using our products.

Poetic map of Venârivè

Our new poetic map of the vast region known as Venârivè, created by the talented Marc Grunert. The map is free to download, to use in your role-playing campaigns, and to print for personal use.

Left-click the button to view the full-sized map. Right-click the button and choose Save target as or Save link as to download the map to your computer.

Atlas Keléstia - Open Sea

Multi-layered PDF map for a generic Atlas Keléstia open sea square. Most vector layers which appear in Atlas maps have been omitted and only the various hex and square grid layers are included.

Download also includes a "flattened" PDF with just the 5-league hex grid.

HMG Occupation Tables

HârnMaster Gold Occupation Tables, in both PDF and XLS versions.

These should be more accessible than the format in HârnMaster Player Edition.

Chélemby Occupation Table

Chélemby Occupation Table, a PDF and XLS version of an adapted Occupation Table for Chélemby, for use with HârnMaster.

Nightsky of Kèthîra Generator

Are the stars right? From now on, you can easily see for yourself: Hârn fan Michael Jung has created an online tool that shows the constellations visible from Kèthîra on a specific location and on a specific day of the year.

With the help of this tool, you can now see what your character sees when he looks up to a starlit nightsky.

To the Nightsky page

HarnMaster Gold Character Portfolio System

The following is a HarnMaster Gold Character Portfolio system designed to help folks keep track of character data. The BASE file contains the six pages that are most often needed. Additional pieces of the portfolio can be downloaded and added to the character's notebook as desired.

Hope you like it.


Evánekin d20 Support Module

A supplementary module detailing Evánekin for the d20 system.

Evánekin d20 provides a town statblock for the castle and port, fully detailed NPCs who are prominent in the town. It also lists local rumours and folklore for Gather Information checks, lists all craftsmen and services available in the town with detailed classes, alignments, skill levels, prices, and more.

With this supplement, you can adapt your d20 campaign to the world of Hârn - a magic-rare, highly detailed campaign setting, or provide a detailed locale that can be seamlessly added to any campaign world you use.

Evánekin can be used as a standalone location for free, or combined with the PDF product Evánekin by Kelestia Productions, it can provide a living, breathing settlement for any DM, with maps, omens, bardic lore, heraldic displays, NPC portraits, and more."

Evánekin d20 is free.

Skill Calculator (Updated)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet for HârnMaster v.2.1 Gold. Enter Attributes and the spreadsheet calculates Automatic, Family, Occupational and Militia Skills.

You need Microsoft Excel to view and use this file.

HMg Character Profile Workbook

This Excel workbook keeps track of your HMg character's attributes, skills, injuries, equipment, weapons, armour, steeds, ritual invocations, spells and more! It can be extensively modified to suit optional rules and house rules. Includes a detailed manual.

Role-playing Luck Coupons

Roleplaying Luck Coupons. Just a bit of worthless fun.
Players: print them out, and see if your GM honours them (it's worth a try).
GMs: They make really great gifts for your players.