Anzelôria: Legendary Southwestern Lýthia

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By Jeremy Baker and Keléstia Productions Staff.
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Includes a main module of 84 pages (including colour illustrations and maps), a separate multi-layered PDF map, and a single-layer PDF map.

Anzelôria: Legendary Southwestern Lýthia is part of the Lýthian Conspectus Series, which expands upon Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia. It provides Gamemasters and their players with the information they need for high-quality, rewarding, gaming in this part of Kèthîra, the world of Hârn.

This extensive module covers historical, cultural, social, economic, religious and other issues, as well as providing details of the all realms and states of the region. Also included extensive gazetters of key settlements and towns of the sub-continent.

This product includes:

  • Anzelôria module (84 pages)
  • Multi-layered interactive PDF map of Anzelôria (27 different layers)
  • Single-layered PDF map of Anzelôria - with the 'default' settings for the map

Anzelôria module contents

The Anzelôria article provide extensive detail on many aspects of the region (14 pages):

  • Introduction: the Idea of Anzelôria
  • Cultures: including the Neshái, the Shénti, the Geláphic peoples, and the Wernái
  • Travelling in Anzelôria: by land and by ship
  • Disease
  • Religion: Anzelôrian values, the Divine Pantheon, Temples and Priests
  • Oracles
  • Commerce: including information on coinage
  • Warfare and weapons
  • Geology and minerals
  • Regional Gazetteer: providing an overview of regions such as the A’jángwa (‘Child of Fire’), the Anzelôrian desert; Lóazen, the strange southern region; the Mágar Archipelago; the Plains of Chún, Shén and Ramdála; the ‘Stony Forest’ of the northwest; the mysterious and dangerous ‘Whispering Mountains’, and the safer ‘Gentle Rain Mountains’.
  • Major Points of Interest across the sub-continent
  • Chronology of the sub-continent, and
  • Maps of major periods.

Other articles:

  • Weather & Skies - including Astronomy (2 pages)
  • Languages & Scripts (4 pages)
  • Map of the location of Anzelôria on Kèthîra

Realms and Regions detailed:

  • Antézian Empire (8 pages)
  • Zhelória (8 pages)
  • Shénti peoples (6 pages)
  • Neshái tribes (4 pages)
  • Imdália, the Katîan kingdoms, and Taba tribes (6 pages)
  • Hêlfa towns (2 pages)
  • Tzéngai, and nearby Gwêru and Chînhoi tribes (4 pages)
  • Yánda Mpólu highlands (6 pages)
  • Southern Anzelôria - Lóazen and the Mágar Archipelago (8 pages)
  • League of Sérianàpi (2 pages)
  • Naêri - the elusive forest ‘elves’ and their mortal enemies, the Maradóni. (4 pages)

Using multi-layered PDF maps

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