Atlas Keléstia - IVAE LX (Sútvik)

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Multi-layered PDF map and detailed index for Atlas Keléstia square IVAE-LX (Sútvik).

The area of IVAE-LX is located in Wúbena, the fjord-ridden section of southeastern Ivínia that lies on the Lýthian mainland. It includes thranáalen in the kingdoms of Járenmark and Séldenbàal.

Locations on map IVAE-LX include:

  • Sútvik - the centre of a Járenmarker thranáal on the winding shores of Týsenfjord. The thran is also the site of a decrepit keep, originally constructed a century ago when Sútvik was attacked from
  • Idýsa - a minor thranáal in Séldenbàal located on Idýsefjord, it has been controlled by clan Hâlgerd of Lârgen since TR625.
  • Idýseheim - ruins of the thran that was the heart of Idýsa until ten years ago, when it was sacked by forces from Lârgen after the local Hâlgerd leader mutinied against the clanhead's leadership.
  • Kángbak - site where Hâlgerd plan to construct a new keep in Idýsa, but a lack of thrall labour to provide stone may halt the project.
  • Ômengås Marsh - the wetlands on the northwest fringe of Wúbena are full of avian wildlife in summer but dreary and desolate in winter.
  • Bârekis Bay - the mouth of the Bârekis River has been used as a haven by pirates preying on the ships sailing Quánè Pass.
  • Quánling - a trading post and rendezvous point near the south end of Quánè Pass.
  • Sølvager - a thran protecting mines held by clan Pélstrom of Mútilheim near the shores of Fónulidt Lake.

The IVAE-LX index is 9 and 1/2 pages long and includes notes and data for 90 named locations. The index is also available as an Excel data file.