Atlas Keléstia - SHKN AX (Ârgonel) & A9 (Kálen)

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Two multi-layered PDF maps and detailed indices for Atlas Keléstia squares SHKN-AX (Ârgonel) and SHKN-A9 (Kálen).

The area of SHKN-AX & SHKN-A9 includes the northwest coast of the kingdom of Emélrenè and adjacent parts of Quándas Bay. It provides an excellent introduction to a complex and dangerous region of Emélrenè, detailing the strange and mysterious ethereal 'zones' of the Gýtè Hills and the communities that surround them.

Locations on map SHKN-AX include:

  • Anaína Hundred - the settled manors and mines surrounding Thâren keep, where the bailiff of the hundred holds court.
  • Ârgonel castle - chief fortress of the Earl of Quándas on the wild northwestern coast.
  • Chîrel - a chapterhouse of the militant Laránian Order of the Lion Banner, who have increasingly been called upon to support the Free Eméla Wardens deal with 'emergences'.
  • Émel Gálani - the straits that separate mainland Lýthia from the Hârnic island of Mèlderýn, only 12 leagues across at their narrowest point.
  • Gýtè Hundred - the settled manors and mines surrounding Ârgonel; the bailiff of the hundred sits at Ârgonel.
  • Glívan Silver Mine - a productive silver mine that has faced increasing trouble from the nearby Íchâr 'rift'.
  • the Íchâr 'rift' - a dangerous and shifting ethereal zone from which strange and sometimes dangerous creatures and beings sometimes emerge.
  • Íchâr fort - a Free Eméla wardens' fort, responsible for monitoring the increasingly unstable Íchar rift.
  • Kálamys - a Free Eméla 'range' in the northwestern most part of overseen by clan Céllyn, sibling-clan of the Barons of Thâren.
  • Kelmenêra - ruins of an ancient settlement that legend suggests succumbed to 'dark and evil wind and waters'.
  • Quándas Âren - a Free Eméla 'range' in the Quándas Hills, overseen by clan Quanádryll, sibling-clan to the Earls of Quándas.
  • Quélôras Hârdhi - ancient burial grounds still used for some high status Free Eméla.
  • Thâren keep - seat of the Bâron of Thâren, the fortress survived several Ivínian raids during the viking era.
  • Úqua 'Zone' - an ethereal 'slow zone' with strong connections to the Fývrian elements.

Locations on map SHKN-A9 include:

  • Kálen Derýni - a dozen small islands roughly equidistant between the Lýthian mainland and the Hârnic islands of Glénoth and Íkom, with no useful resources, and thus unclaimed by any kingdom.
  • Elkálen Derýn - centre island of the Kálen islands, just large enough to support a rookery of pelicans.

An index for each of the two maps (provided as both a text PDF file and an Excel data file) includes notes and data for all named locations.

SHKN-AX and A9 cartography by N. Robin Crossby, Ken Snellings, Jeremy Baker, and Robert B. Schmunk. Notes and data by Jeremy Baker and Robert B. Schmunk.