Atlas Keléstia - SHKN F3 (Rýbaren) & E3 (Kârdeten)

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Two multi-layered PDF maps and accompanying location indices for Atlas Keléstia squares SHKN-F3 (Rýbaren) and SHKN-E3 (Kârdeten).

The area of SHKN-F3 & SHKN-E3 is located in the Sea of Iváe west of the central Hârbáaler coast and includes several score small islands that are part of the West Imkézadin archipelago. Although they pose numerous hazards to navigation for seafarers travelling through these waters, from Ivínia to the north to Chélemby and Hârn to the south and west, many of the isles are sources of fresh water. There is also good fishing and good sealing here.

Locations on maps SHKN-F3 and SHKN E3 include:

  • Rýbaren Islands - a grouping of about three dozen islands known as 'the sentinels' or 'the watchmen' that extend southwest from Minâbe Island [G3].
  • Sâvor Island - an isolated islet just west of the Rýbaren that is apparently the 'focus' of a water elemental.
  • Enhørnig Island - island off the coast of Minâbe with a protected anchorage and an excellent view of the surrounding waters.
  • Noéden Islands - two dozen rocky islets 5 leagues northwest of the Rýbaren.
  • Kána Tánden - four fang-like islets 10 leagues southwest of the Rýbaren.
  • Gýngen Islands - a small cluster of islands 5-10 leagues southeast of the Rýbaren, they are home to the Hávsynen, three ancient standing stones made of rock that was not obtained locally.
  • Kârdeten Islands - a dozen islets 15 leagues west of the Kána Tánden.

Combined, the SHKN-F3 and E3 indices are about 3 pages long and include notes and data for 37 named locations. The indices are also available as Excel data files.