Atlas Keléstia - SHKN G8 (Ándrin)

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Multi-layered PDF map and detailed index for Atlas Keléstia square SHKN-G8 (Ándrin).

The area of SHKN-G8 is located on the northern coast of the kingdom of Shôrkýnè and includes significant parts of the county of Loála.

Locations on map SHKN-G8 include:

  • Ándrin castle, chief settlement of a barony in northern Loála county, governed by the young and seemingly unready son of the countess; in which are
  • 23 manors along and close to the Reálen River; among them
  • Lankýarth, a small, troubled Laranian abbey, and
  • Kíneseld, which anchors the 'White Bridge', an impressive crossing over the Reálen erected two centuries ago during the Tríerzi occupation; while some leagues to the southeast is
  • Vésteth keep, leading settlement of a barony of 18 manors; and in between
  • the ridge line of the Héstvarya Hills, dividing the wilderness of northern Loála; wherein is found
  • Imêrùva, an ancient and mysterious plaza of "false' stone some 500 yards across, upon which odd folk and mysterious beasts may manifest; and also
  • the three strange and remote Ílvîran shrines of Búlgôra, Ísvêrys, and Mogélwyn.

An index (provided as both a text PDF file and an Excel data file) includes notes and data for every named location on the map.

SHKN-G8 cartography by N. Robin Crossby, Ken Snellings, and Robert B. Schmunk. Notes and data by Robert B. Schmunk.