Atlas Keléstia - SHKN H6 (Vârkenheim)

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Multi-layered PDF map and detailed index for Atlas Keléstia square SHKN-H6 (Vârkenheim).

The area of SHKN-H6 is located on the coast of southern Hârbáal and includes all of the settled parts of the kingdom of Ánvâl and of Sówidh thranáal in Géltheim.

Locations on map SHKN-H6 include:

  • Sówidh - chief settlement of the eastern thranáal of the kingdom of Géltheim. It was once the centre of the 'Sówidh Fire Cult', a sect incorrectly presumed to have been extinguished during clan Gelt's conquest of Sówidh six score years ago.
  • Vârkenheim - location of the largest shipyards of southern Hârbáal, and the major urban centre of the southern sub-kingdoms, It would dominate the region if not for the rising influence of Chélemby. Vârkenheim is the seat of King Holéni III, widely perceived as paranoid, devious, and capricious.
  • Xêradyn - castle and eastern thranáal of the Kingdom of Ánvâl, headed by the King's honourable brother, Mâkas. Xêradyn was formerly capital of a mixed Járind/Ivínan kingdom, famous for the ancient peaceful 'concilliation' that formed it.
  • 80 Hârbáaler freeholds, and many minor villages, the bulk in them in the thranáalen of Sówidh, Vârkenheim, and Xêradyn but also including a handful in Géltheim's Gelt thranáal and Lédenheim's Héredon thranáal.
  • Sówîr River Goldfield - one of the few major sources of gold in the region and jealously guarded by the kings of Géltheim. Local lords resent the independence of the miners who operate here.
  • the Hándhach - an extensive area of barrows and a major henge site on the hills between Gélthiem and Ánvâl, and also the site of the culminating battle of the Gélter-Ánvâller war a century ago.
  • Aéstinèthwy, Dâfidhsten and the Arestôrdè Sten - old Járind standing stones scattered along the coast of Ánvâl and Géltheim.
  • Ôrthahus - a minor Láranian abbey in southwestern Lédenheim.
  • Gemôro River - a large river which rises in the Hârbáaler Alps and divides Ánvâl into its two halves.
  • Môrkvand Bay - large enclosed bay at the mouth of the Xêrad River, upon which Xêradyn is located.

An index (provided as both a text PDF file and an Excel data file) includes notes and data for every named location on the map.

SHKN-H6 cartography by N. Robin Crossby, Ken Snellings and Robert B. Schmunk. Notes and data by Jeremy Baker, Robert B. Schmunk and N. Robin Crossby.


This issue of Atlas Keléstia is available at a reduced priced if purchased as part of the Atlas Keléstia - Folio 1: Chélemby, Géltheim & Ánvâl.

This is a revised and updated version to the map square originally included in the "Chélemby-Géltheim Folio" published in 2004. If you purchased that folio after September 2008, you are entitled to a free copy of this revised map and index; check the download section of your account profile.