Atlas Keléstia - SHKN H7 (Trepûra)

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Multi-layered PDF map and detailed index for Atlas Keléstia square SHKN-H7 (Trepûra).

The area of SHKN-H7 is located on the central Shôrkýni coast. Mapped locations include:

  • Trepûra settlement, home to the famed Ládo Pilots College
  • numerous ruins of villages and manors, either sacked during the viking raid on Trepûra or abandoned soon after
  • Sónise keep and surrounding settlements
  • Cape Loála, a wide-swept promontory projecting into the Gulf of Shôrkýnè
  • the Loáladh Hills, where may be found two ancient burial grounds and an unpleasant breed of spiders

An index (provided as both a text PDF file and an Excel data file) includes notes and data for every named location.

SHKN-H7 cartography by N. Robin Crossby, Ken Snellings and Jeremy Baker. Notes and data by Jeremy Baker and Robert B. Schmunk.