Atlas Keléstia - SHKN J1 (Gósheim)

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Multi-layered PDF map and detailed index for Atlas Keléstia square SHKN-J1 (Ósena).

The area of SHKN-J1 is located in northernmost Hârbáal. The square is a mix of land and sea and includes all of three thranáals in three Hârbáaler kingdoms: Elgósia, Sáliom and Gávrios. The Islands of Elgósia are separated from the mainland by the heavily trafficked waters of Elgós Pass, while Sútel Pass to the north divides Hârbáal from the Ivínian realm of Lókemheim.

Locations on map SHKN-J1 include:

  • Gósheim - the castle of clan Gos, lords of Elgós Island and of the kingdom of Elgósia. Decades after their rebellion was suppressed, they remain one of Hârbáal's most discontented clans.
  • Génja - capital of the kingdom of Gávrios and Hârbáal's second most populous city.
  • Méfbe Island - isle that has been the focus of many past battles of kingdoms seeking an advantage. It is presently part of the kingdom of Sáliom but mostly in the control of a rising clan.
  • Sáliom Bay - bay off of Elgós Pass leading to the king of Sáliom's seat at Ánstal [J2]. There are several ruins scattered along its shores.
  • Ráskhus - Sárajìnian religious site in western Elgós. Its high priest recently accused the head of a nearby clan of false dealing, touching off a feud which is dividing the area's clans.
  • Mølebôrg - freehold near Gósheim castle that is a centre of shield maiden activity.
  • Nýlsby - a Sárajinian holding on the coast of Sáliom much attended by area fishermen; its leaders worry that they are losing influence.
  • Énesâl - fort in Elgósia intended to monitor activities on the far side of the Sútel Pass. But can its commander be trusted?
  • Deánamun - Sárajìnian shrine on Méfbe Island that commemorates the god's defeat of a sea demon.
  • Ánchundlad - abandoned mine in Sáliom, sometimes said to be a bandit hideout and sometimes the lair of something evil.
  • Ágritsu - holding near Génja dedicated to the fire god Ágrik. The clan leaders command the temples of that god in the area and are jealous of their control.
  • Thjôrheim - freehold near Génja apparently on the edge of an internal feud.

The SHKN-J1 index is 13 pages long and includes notes and data for 125 named locations. The index is also available as an Excel data file.