Atlas Keléstia - SHKN K1 (Ósena)

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Multi-layered PDF map and detailed index for Atlas Keléstia square SHKN-K1 (Ósena).

The area of SHKN-K1 is located in northernmost Hârbáal. The square is a mix of land and sea and includes all or parts of five thranáals in the Hârbáaler kingdoms of Gávrios and Elgósia. The Islands of Elgósia are separated from the mainland by the heavily trafficked waters of Elgós Pass, while Sútel Pass to the north divides Hârbáal from the Ivínian realm of Lókemheim.

Locations on map SHKN-K1 include:

  • Ósena - the great thran at the heart of Ósena thranáal, a district of Gávrios kingdom centred on the Bémis River and Ósena Bay. It has become wealthy through metal and wool production. Except for the enmity caused by the unpleasant clan Bjêrgar, the thranáal is currently peaceful. But the region still bears the scars of past conflicts with Lókemheim, Íbanvaal and the realms to the north.
  • Glídby - seat of the island thranáal of Glidwáal on Glíde island in the kingdom of Elgósia (or as the locals prefer it, "Elgósia and Glidwáal"). At one holding in Glidwáal, thralls recently rose up and slaughtered their cruel overlord and his brothers before fleeing in a warboat.
  • Bôrin thranáal - nine thrans in the coastal west of Bôrin district in Gávrios.
  • Génja thranáal - a dozen holdings in the northeast of Gávrios's core district. Amongst them is Méfliyel, an ostensibly quiet locale in an area lately beset by dark tales of cannibalism, fell beast(s) and walking corpses.
  • Elgós thranáal - five thrans at the east end of Elgós Island in Elgósia. Suspicion of treachery during Elgósia's rebellion against the over-king of Hârbáal has caused division amongst the clans in this area.
  • Elgós Pass - the channel separating the islands Elgósia from the mainland is a key part of the network of straits that form the Inside Passage, a sheltered sea route along the Hârbáaler shore.
  • Sútel Pass - the strait dividing the islands of Elgósia from those of Ivínian Lókemheim to the north is relatively quiet, these days anyway.
  • Slæger Sound - the narrow channel separating Elgós and Glíde islands is made dangerous by the Skûrm Shoals.
  • Glíde Reed - the rocky shallows off the eastern tip of Glíde Island constrict the east entrance of Elgós Pass.

The SHKN-K1 index is 15 pages long and includes notes and data for 144 named locations. The index is also available as an Excel data file.