Atlas Keléstia - SHKN K2 (Hléjis)

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Multi-layered PDF map and detailed index for Atlas Keléstia square SHKN-K2 (Hléjis).

The area of SHKN-K2 is located in the interior of northern Hârbáal and includes a large wilderness section of the kingdom of Kétania as well as a part of the kingdom of Gávrios. Within a spur of the Hârbáaler Alps lies a remote orcish community who currently engage in peaceful trade with humans.

Locations on map SHKN-K2 include:

  • Hléjis - a cavern complex in the Hârbáaler Alps home to a colony of gargú-kyani (white orcs) ruled by the amiable Vyâda XIII. The location is also thought to be an Earthmaster site and home of a godstone portal.
  • Hléjisby - a village just outside Hléjis where orcs and humans peacefully interact.
  • Rhâdtuk - a satellite lodge of Hléjis commanded by a suspicious, possibly paranoid orc.
  • Nével - a fort in the heart of the Érad River valley meant to facilitate trade between clan Tégas and their allies with the gârgún of Hléjis, and also to prevent expansion of the orc colony too far down the river.
  • Brásvel and Flódgåd - outpost forts of Nével.
  • Tâlighus - a remote shrine to the god Sárajin located within the territory claimed by the orcs.
  • Górlan Mountains - an offshoot of the Hârbáaler Alps that forms part of the border between the kingdoms of Ketánia and Gávrios. There are numerous remote but productive mines along its northern slopes.

The SHKN-K6 index is 6 pages long and includes notes and data for 58 named locations. The index is also available as an Excel data file.

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