Atlas Keléstia - TRZN D1 (Néoma)

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Multi-layered PDF map and detailed index for Atlas Keléstia square TRZN D1 (Néoma).

This region lies deep in the Jerinálian Mountains and within the eastern Jerinála March of Emélrenè. While most of the Jerinála March is the domain of the Émhlè (Free Eméla), this region includes the settled hundred of Mârnadyn and the Barony of Néoma, seat of the Duke of Jerinál, Anávras al Edhélen. This settled area was established c. TR100 during the ‘Time of Fire’ when Néoma Castle was constructed as part of the efforts to combat the depradations of fire drakes across the region.

Today, the region is transfixed with fear that fire drakes may be returning once again; several have been sighted and a number of sheep and rangers are missing.The fire drakes are only one of a number of tensions and concerns in the Émhlè ranges around Néoma. The leaders of two ranges — Belgârys and Nalamérn — have in recent years granted mining rights to the Miners' Guild in exchange for significant payments; this has led to major rifts between Émhlè supporting and opposing this development. Finally, as elsehwere in Emélrenè, worrying activity in ethereal zones is growing.

Locations on map TRZN D1 include:

  • Néoma Castle - seat of the Duke of Jerinál, heir to the throne of Emélrenè.
  • Mt Belémwys and the Belémwyr ethereal zone - location of an ethereal zone strongly associated with the P'vâric element of Pèleáhn, and home of a powerful fire elemental and at least one fire drake.
  • Malákrhyn - fortress of the Malákta people, a warrior folk originating on Yàsháin, who protect the eastern approach to Mt Belémwys.
  • Shâdhen-d'ul - ruins of an ancient Émhlè mountain lodge destroyed during the Time of Fire; legends suggest great treasures were abandoned here.
  • Úmbèlmys - shrine officially dedicated to the Old Gods, but actually a secret site of worship of Gáranik, the ancient Émhlè fire god.
  • Zéndhglôdhen - major new tin mining camp and mines operated by the Miner's guild under licence from the local Esélar (range lord); quite a number of Émhlè in the region resent the intrusion of the Miners.
  • Âstechodìa-ul - Émhlè lodge of clan Vhéntralyn, who are secret worshippers of the Old God, Vanáer, 'He Who Walks in the Night'. They are vigorous opponents of the grant of mining licences to the Guild in Belgârys range.
  • Hlýfrswyrèn - a fortified 'vault' inside an ethereal 'slow zone' used by the Émhlè to store artefacts and books for generations without loss
  • Gádmêg - a deep and narrow gorge on the upper reaches of the Gáden river, which is largely unpassable, essentially sealing off the approach to the great Émhlè citadel of Ábrelyn. Travellers to Ábrelyn must instead make their way along a narrow and easily defended trail high above the gorge.
  • Dível-Laellyn - a small but extremely dangerous ethereal zone associated with Odívshè, but also extremly cold. A number of unique ethereal beings ('ice elementals') as well as Eldest Ones can be found in this zone.

The TRZN D1 index is 19 pages long, and includes notes and data for 161 locations. The index is also available as an Excel data file.