Býria: the Holy Matriarchy

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By Keléstia Productions Staff

PDF document

50 pages and map.

For over two centuries the Býrian Empire has been almost entirely closed to outsiders, and most who have tried to visit have ended up as slaves of the Holy Matriarchy.

The few reports that have emerged describe a realm where men are brutally enslaved by grim warrior women. Now Býria’s ambitions seem to be growing, and every court in Venârivè is desperate for accurate information on this most dangerous realm. An adventurer who penetrates the secretive theocracy could reap a fortune - or end up a slave to the Holy Empire.

This module includes 36 pages of articles detail the history, geography, culture, and politics of the Býrian Empire; over 300 geographical locations are described. An electronic map suitable for printing at 50cmx37.5cm (20”x15”) is included, in both multi-layered and single-layered formats

As a bonus, a 13-page article on Slavery in Venârivè provides the first comprehensive description of this important aspect of life in Venârivè.

This publication is part of the Venârivè Almanac Series, which supports Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia.