Prices and Quality

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1) I've seen it somewhere before, but I can't put my hands on it right now. The price descriptions given in the older local settlement descriptions are typically Low (and presumably Very Low), Average, High, and High+ (or Very High). The newer material uses one to five pound symbols. Does anyone remember the percentage price adjustments for each level? I don't think it was as easy as -40%, -20%, 0%, +20%, and +40% . . .

2) Weapons are said to roughly double in price for each +1 improvement in WQ. Given the advantage of higher quality armor, I'm inclined to houserule that armor roughly doubles in price for each +1 improvement in AQ as well. Has anyone thought of some houserules and rationale for the price adjustments of *reductions* in quality? Repeatedly halving the cost won't work as the cost of the materials wouldn't be covered after more than one 50% reduction.

(I know the typical weaponcrafter is going to represent his product as the very best, but let's assume that a customer is specifically looking for shoddy merchandise.)

3) Has anyone developed houserules for price adjustments for improvements in weapon impact, such as a +1 edge impact for a battleaxe than holds an unusually keen edge? I would be inclined to only allow impact improvements to a weapon's primary impact; I don't see a weaponcrafter putting extra time into making a sword with an improved blunt impact . . .

("Oh, 'tis special made for smacking unruly villeins with the pommel, sire!")

All of the above are with regard to pure craftsman skill rather than any sort of Jmorvi enchantment (which would be beyond price in my game - best be ready to do someone a valuable favor or two).

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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Keléstia's location modules include both "Quality" and "Price" ratings. The Price Ratings run from Very Low (£) to Very High (£££££).

The key for these price symbols (as provided on Chélemby 30, or Kolâdis 14, for instance), is:

£ - Very Low - less than or equal to 60% of average price
££ - Low - between 61% and 80% of average price
£££ - Average - between 81% and 120% of average price
££££ - High - between 121% to 175% of average price
£££££ - Very High - 176% or higher of average price

I will leave you weapon and armour questions to Ken :)

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The Weaponcraft section of HMG Player's Edition (pge69) has rules for increasing the Edge, Point or Tear impact during weapon creation in addition to the standard Weapon Quality improvements.

Is that the kind of thing you are looking for for a "battleaxe with an unusually keen edge"?

The armour making section that follows gives decent pricing adjustments for inferior and superior quality armours. The price increase isn't a doubling factor (eg: +1 Armour has a price factor of 125%), which is much more realistic in my opinion.

Perhaps that could be useful.

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Those are exactly the sorts of things I'm looking for. And I'd have probably found them if I'd upgraded to HMG, but I haven't yet . . . LOL

I appreciate the guidance on where to look for these subjects!