Venârivè (Northwestern Lýthia)

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A new product covering northwestern Lýthia is nearing completion.

More details here:

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I need a Xmas present, last year was really sad. Is that the sort of time line you are operating on?

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Well, one must admit that acquiring a collection of nasty oncs did rather impact the production schedule. As of this moment, however, I am feeling quite a lot better and working hard to complete a series of new products, some of which should be out by Christmas (2007)...

Of course I couldn't do this without the incredible help I'm getting from the HârnMakers Guild.

I'd also like to thank the many good folk, including lots of new people (well, not new people... they have credit cards so they're not entirely new... but you know what I mean), who have been buying so much stuff (even without our publishing a lot of new products). Our market is actually *expanding* and that's remarkable.

Anyway... Thanks for asking :)

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What else might be in the works, Robin? A while back you mentioned a detailed article for the city of Chelemby . . .

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I'm pretty sure that several people are working on Chelemby City. Keeping consistency and catching errors in a city article for a city the size of Chelemby must be difficult.


- "Pardon me for living, I'm sure."

-- (Terry Pratchett, Mort)

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Chélemby is most certainly in the works; in fact the text is all written, it is being edited as we speak.


Fástred al Beréma,
Rówanti al Sávè-k’nôr

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So, annoying as these sorts of questions probably are for the publishers, is there an expected release date for Chélemby City?


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We are working as hard as we can on Chélemby. I can't really say any more, I'm afraid!


Fástred al Beréma,
Rówanti al Sávè-k’nôr

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Hello :-)

I am certainly interested in Chélemby but have to admit I feel much more eager and happy anticipation towards Venârivè. Christmas is approaching with speed!

Happy editing ...

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Any hint when Venârivè can be expected?

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Is there any update on when this might come to Fruition?

Niall 1
Sierra Vista/Ft. Huachuca, AZ USA

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Venarive's text is done, bar proof-reading.

The remaining time will be taken up with getting the illustrations done. Some are already done, but illustrations always seem to take longer than expected.

Rest assured, we are working on this.



Fástred na Beréma,
Rówanti na Sávè-k’nôr

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I've been very excited about Venarive for a ~long~ time. (hell, has it been a full year now?)
Although I am a rabid fan (and pusher!) of the HMG rules system, and have been so for 15+ years, I have never actually ~run~ a campaign on Kethira. Venarive brings the promise of the same loving craftsmanship that made Harn so real for people to previously neglected regions around the Venar sea... and frankly, I'm tempted to finally take the plunge. :-)

Karejia has always sounded like a fertile land for me to plant a new era of campaigns...

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Thanks for the update. I'll keep checking back.

Sierra Vista/Ft. Huachuca, AZ USA

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Been a fan for a long time. Recently renewing interest. Purchased Kethira, which was very cool. Looking forward to Ledenheim (next buy) and hoping to hear about progress on Venarive.


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Venarive is one of a few major products at the forefront of Kelestia Productions' production queue. I can't pin down exactly when it will come out, as I'm not the lead on the product, but it won't be significantly longer. It will probably not be the next release but should be one of the next two to follow.

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Nice to hear...
I will wait

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Very good to hear. I have actually liked the direction of developing the continent. Ledenheim looks interesting. Is there an upcoming products section somewhere to whet our appetites?

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No, sorry, there is no upcoming products section. That there is a "forthcoming" button for Venarive on the Kelestia homepage is out of the ordinary.

Robin greatly resisted announcing products in advance. Even when something was "imminent", I don't recall him announcing it.

I personally supported this, and I think Jeremy and Ken also. The slow production and often unpredictable rate at KP can lead to much misdirected gossip, crushed expectations and massive complaints should an announced product be delayed, postponed or cancelled.

Jeremy has talked about Chelemby City and Chelemby C&F on the msg boards, but those products have been in the works so long that they've essentially been open secrets.