Maritime Rules

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I notice this is a project now under way and would like to give some some imput. I've spent a lot of time looking at the Pilots' Almanac and there are a coulple of thinks that need to adressed. One is in the shipwright section where the rules for making small boats like Pindas need to adressed. The other is the Movement points table in Martime Tables 1. If you are willing to listen to my thoughts on this please contact me at:

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We are always happy to have input. I've emailed you to follow up.



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Is this still being worked on/planned on as a release? Any news on updating the ancient Pilot's Almanac would be very welcome.

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Yes - I'm happy to say that this project is still in active development. Still a bit to do, but good progress has been made.

I can't give an estimated time for delivery - but rest assured work is going well...


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Would love to see this appear. Now, if only there was a Siege Warfare guide..