Venarive map

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Love the topography on the Summa Venarive maps. Any chance a topographic Venarive map may be available in the future. I want to print my map but i will wait if topograpjy is going to be added..

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klhaviation - something like this is in the works :)

Regards Jeremy

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The map requested is now available here:

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Just started on a project with a friend and noticed that there is no Temperature data on Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia.

Is this missing, elsewhere, or not available?

There is precipitation, wind, ocean currents, climate, but I'm after average temperatures across Venârivè :(

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In the Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia module see Appendix XVII that starts on page 217. Temperature info is on page 219, midway down the left column. You'll have to work out average teps from the various weather charts for yourself.

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Thanks Lawrence, thought I seen it somewhere :p

Was hoping there was a layer for average temperature alongside the others

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You are most welcome.

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The current Venârivè map has the topography layer.

You should be able to download from your account.