Future development question

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Hi all, I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying rediscovering Harn after a long break. Back in the day I always wanted to see more on the wider Lythian background, rather than just a focus on one small area of it so I'm really enjoying products like Byria and Anzeloria. I also like the sheer level of detail in the Atlas Kelestia squares and, as ever, the maps are gorgeous! I know you don't like to be specific about future products, but I would like to know just generally if your intentions are to extend the Atlas to areas like Anzeloria or Byria, will there be more detailed kingdom modules on areas like Karejia or Trierzon etc. Are you intending to produce anything on eastern Lythia?



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We don't like to make specific commitments, because our work is ready when its done, but yes - we have work in progress on Karéjia, Tríerzòn, and Eastern Lýthia. And other areas.


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I would love to see the other side of Lythia developed as the @Western half has been. I'd love to be able to have some structure to hang adventure on that fall outside of the Western half of the continent. Of course, my dream would be to see all of the continents get the Venarive/Anzeloria scale treatment.

It would be really nice to see some consistency between sections of the continent. I like the scale of the Anzeloria map for some detail, but a map to the scale of the venarive map would have been nice for the sake of continuity.

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You'll be getting your wish, eventually. Maps for every inch of Kethira are in some stage of development - even that archipelago south of Molnasya that no one ever mentions. (I'm sure those islands were Robin's nod to New Zealand, so you would think that Jeremy would have already written a 200 page opus on it.)