Headings in Products

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I noticed a very small but annoying detail in both Byria and Tuvara: the gazetteer section is just called Gazetteer. As I try to order my printouts by article name this is a bit annoying. I would have preferred it to be something like Tuvaran Gazetteer, or Gazetteer of Byria. Or even Gazetteer (Tuvara).

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Thanks for this feedback.

I'll try and update these to address these issues.



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Depending on how long the new version will be forthcoming and how much your OCD is killing you, a simple fix is to download the Morpheus font, create a white text box within the pdf app, set the font to 21.5 pt and color to RGB 150 20 2. If you print, make sure you have print comments selected. Foxit even has a ruler for perfect alignment.