How many out there?

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Just out of curiosity, and this may be directed at the keepers of the site, how many Hârniacs are out there that come to this site and use the Hârnaster Gold system?

Of course this is just a throw out to see what kind of following Robin has achieved since the conception of his world and gaming system.

personally I love the rules and look forward to our first campaign that I have brewing. The system is something I wished I would have found a LONG time ago. I started with Basic D&D in 1978 and have moved to advanced and to Rolemaster looking for a realistic system, but this combines simplicity and realism in one neat package.

I raise my cup to Robin for his achievement!

Cheers to all,

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Well, I'm back to Harn after a long absence... Is this company still alive? It is a couple of months since any activity was registred here....

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Yes, Keléstia Productions is still very much alive, and there are some exciting new products in the works.

Great that you've returned to Hârn!

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Sounds good indeed. :-)

Any snippets of what and when?

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It's hard to give out dates other than the non-satisfying "when it's done" or "Soon".

Work is being done on a Karejia module, as well as Clans and Folk of Chelemby. We're also getting artwork done for Thonia. There a few other products in production that we're not ready to reveal just yet.

It's coming! :)

What would you like to see?

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All of those sound grand Ken.
Of course the two big ones are Azeryan and Trierzon but anywhere is of interest to me :) .

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My favourites would be:
1) Hepekaria
2) Arlanto
3) Tarkain

I would also very much like to see more cities or places of interest done, but I suspect this is not going to happen. Oh, and there was mention of one great seafearing adventure. Is this still in the works?

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I am Glad you are still active! Started to worry...

I would like to see some of the missing map tiles of the Gulf of Chelemby. It would be splendid to have them :-)

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Well, everything.

But if I had to priorize:

- Shorkyne Map tiles - fill the gaps, especially coasts
- Weired Stuff (exotic articles - whatever fancies you)
- Clans of Chelemby - finish this
- Maritime module - Pilots Almanac V2
-- Ports of Venarive
-- Islands around Hârn
- Kindoms & Regions & Cities & Islands

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I'd like to see Pilots Almanac, Lankor and more Shorkyne/Hurisea. Might be nice to see a city or two as well.

Clans of Shorkyne...

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I'm still here. I'm afraid my Harn activity consists mainly of adding new publications, unread, to either my hard drive or my filing cabinet. One day, perhaps, I'll truly get back into it.

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I'm still here. HMG is my go-to system for Hârn/Venârivè gaming. I accept no substitute.

My last active Hârn campaign was two years ago. Thanks to Venârivè and a multicultural game group, my Hârn became populated with a very diverse set of adventurers. Since then I've primarily been running Pathfinder (both PFS and a home game using Rise of the Runelords). It's popular, and it's fun - but it's not Hârn.

I'm in the process of prepping the next Hârn campaign. Part of these efforts will involve loading tons of Hârnic information into the Realm Works campaign manager, which I and my players have come to use heavily.

At the moment I haven't decided the background to the campaign for definite. I fancy a bit of a change from Káldôr/Vemionshire games, and am toying with the idea of using the Second Jarin Rebellion in Orbaal is the primary backdrop. We'll see.

I am delighted with the work the Keléstia team have published. I'm not too bothered by the small scale maps, but the modules are magnificent and add tons of detail to our understanding of Keléstia and Lýthia.

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Since the question was posed six months ago, it's easy to see I don't log on here all that often. Usually I log when I get a message that there is something new.

To answer your question about who uses Robin's Gold rules, when my group will allow me to run Harn with any of the Harnmaster rules, i choose HMG. Alas they prefer Pathfinder as it's more "heroic". (read super hero) Being a fan of nitty gritty realism - "The Bicycle Thief" in Italian Realism films - I groan in despair at the stupid inane feats a character magically acquires as she levels.

Alas these are all close friends so dumping them to find players ready to do Harn is not possible.

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I switched over to HMG about 6 years ago now and have never regretted it once. For decades, I used Harn (and Kethera) as my world for 2E D&D, but got sick of trying to change D&D to fit my idea of the world as I wanted it. A friend invited me to play in his D&D 2nd edition about a year or so ago, and I just couldn't enjoy it now. Don't get me wrong, loved and poayed D&D from the original white papmphlet style books when it was THE RPG out there, played AD&D, 2nd Edition and tinkered with 3rd before hanging up my D&D spurs for good. Too much fantasy and unbelievable amounts of magic and monsters for the world when looked at from my older more experienced gamers eyes (which at 53, would benefit from glasses, but I digress). HMG gets rid of all the things I hated in the old system. Mortality is once more something other than a mild inconvenience surmounted by a moderately experienced priest. Killing everything and stealing its stuff has way less appeal if a normal person with a normal weapon might lay you in your grave.

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I'm still here, just a lot less time for gaming, especially PnP RPG's in general.

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I haven't had a chance to play in Harn recently, but I still stop by semi frequently to see what's going on. I'm actually hoping to start up a Harn game to contrast the mid level D&D Adventurers League games I've been running for the FLGS. When I do, I'll be using HMG as my rules of choice.

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It's been a while since I met my roleplaying fam, but I've been enjoying reading the HMG books while awaiting the end of the plague storm. One good thing to come out of this bizarre, historic year.

I've been tempted to assemble them on Discord for a session. At least there are no shortage of locations on Lythia to choose from for the setting.