Hârnic tarot cards?

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I understand there is an old article detailing the deck. Would it be possible to have that on sale here, so that one could actually print out the whole deck and use it as a prop ?

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There is, in fact, a new edition of the Génin Deck (Hârnic Tarot) all written, laid out and ready to publish. Unfortunately, we still don't have art and I promised that the next edition would have art.

Maybe I can organise enough of our present artists to do something. 72 pictures is a big project :)

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Wow - good to hear they're possibly coming some day :) I agree that the amount of pictures is a mighty task.

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It'd be interesting to see this in print (again and updated).

Any update or plans?

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I made a deck a couple of months ago but the 72 pictures are nothing like Robin's description. Each card is color coded with the name at the bottom, (The Smith, Deuce of scrolls, The Harp,etc.) and has a suit code in the upper left corner, (Sw, Sc, P,C, etc.)

I paid for the art but the deck is the property of Kelestia. The artwork is laid out for printing four color images per page as well as having the backs carefully registered to align with the front. Each card is roughly 3X5 inches. I printed it on card stock so it can be shuffled and used. Must say though that no one in my game has bothered to do the work needed to do a credible reading.


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I would be interested in seeing how the deck came out Lawrence. Is it possible to see how one of the cards came out?

I think I could interest one or two of my current players with it quite easily.

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Yes, any chance of a reprint of NRCs Tarot article?

It would be a much welcome product. Even if you just sold scanned images of the original article, something... anything would be of help.

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You can now purchase the original 1999 article here:


Please note - this still does not include artwork.

I will chat to Lawrence about his deck...