Ivinia and Shorkyne

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Hi there!

If I had the choice I would like to get a reissue of "Ivinia" because it is very hard to get and some more modules about its kingdoms. I own a copy of Menglana that I bought on SPIEL in Essen (germany) this year and I REALLY like it. I think the isle of Hârn is MORE than well developed.
There is so many other stuff that was already published over the years (e.g. Shorkyne, which is also very interessting). But all that modules are "only basic skeletons" for further developement. In my eyes this is a mistake. This mistake was avoided with Chelemby which has the add-ons Koladis and Evanekin (and Chelemby City). This is a good point for me as a GM to start from when I create my adventures. Chelemby also has a very good focus on CULTURE that explains customs of the people. (Yes, this is a gread laud ;) ). For me Chelemby was one of the best publications in the last years. I decided to start my next campaign in Chelemby BECAUSE "developement conditions" for my own adventures are good enough.
Back to Ivinia. Menglana is also a good module but it gives not as good informations as Chelemby and with Shorkyne Region module I only have a basic frame. (Ok, Chelemby is a part of Shorkyne-region, I know, but thats the point!)

I don't know if I'm right but I think the HM community is very active and makes very good Fanon. Perhaps, IF the "white places" in some alreasy published material would be clarified more GM would like to create more fanon for these regions. That's what I'm asking for.

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I would LOVE to see some of my favorite parts of Kethira get the same treatment that Chelemby received. In fact, the Chelemby modules have re-ignited my passion for NRC's game world (which had slacked off under the former / competing regime with its RE-publication schedule).

I'd also second the idea that Harn has been thoroughly developed. Even if Kelestia Productions released all new Harn material, it would still be repetitive to some extent . . . but who wouldn't love to learn what NRC has hidden away in the underdeveloped places like Shorkyne and Ivinia!

Just the thought of having a complete Hurisea like I will soon have a complete Chelemby gives me shivers . . .

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This sort of feedback is very useful. Many thanks.

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I always thought this is obvious :) . In my view, the result of the current poll "Where is your campaign settled?" CAN only be Hârn. Because we GM have good material for this island (maybe too much). I think MANY GM want to start a campaign elsewhere on Kethira, but they fear all the white places. It is not the case, that Hârn is more intressting oder "better" than all the other places.

So the poll should be: "Were would you start your next campaign if you had enough rescource material?" ;)

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You're spot on with that, mate. My answer would be Hurisea.

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I would like to see Ivinia, Orbaal and Harbaal (other than what is included in Chelemby) detailed more thoroughly

While Ivinia was decent, it could use considerable development, partucularly in places like Ibanvaal, Rogna and Selbenvaal.

The level detail with what has been done with Chelemby is excellent.

Whilst I suspect other cities will not be done in anywhere near as much detail as chelemby, I still want to see major cities like Fuhreling etc detailed in some way.

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If the Ledenheim treatment were given to the Ivinian kingdoms, I would buy every one of them. I could care less about any further development on Harn itself. Frankly most of my campaign ideas involving Harn center around Ivinians and Harbaalers invading/colonizing the place.

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My players constantly pine for a low magic fantasy world and are tired of being murder hobos. A richly developed world like Kelestia/Harn is really ideal. I would love to see other kingdoms in Ivinia developed as mentioned above, especially Seldenbaal.