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Doing some work on the origins of the western Phâric tribal origins and would love to see Tríerzòn Map and Article, are these in the works?

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. . . it's still at the pre-draft stage, as is Palithane.

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Just in case your interested, their was a fanon 'Trierzon regional module' published by Conal Smith back in 2008. You can find it on the web site.

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I must have missed that Fanon article, thanks.
See there is also a Political Map by Richard Woollacott

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Just noticed that estates or manors are known as "Nalrôrdan" according to Page 122 of Venârivè.

However the Tables on page 122 have the spelling as Nalrôrdam.

Have searched all sources and the Trierzi manor, Nalrôrd is the closest I can find reference to. Would just like some confirmation if this is an error on the Tables only?

While we're here, has anyone got a list of the names for each of the known eight royal districts (Indârd) and their counties (Málnîrdan)?

Or are these the ones listed as Duchies (Telkôrdan) on P188?