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Just wanted to say thanks for the new products - Karejia has been near the top of my want list for ages! Santhrada looks promising and a new departure too - more variety is fantastic.

I was wondering if there is anything in the pipeline that zooms in a little - any kingdom or city modules or new atlas squares - especially more in Harbaal and nearby regions?



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I'd still like to see more Region Maps honestly, just like Venârivè Almanac Map: Quarphor one.

Such as the missing regions;

Easiest: EDWN the gulf of Edêr (Edêrwyn), FLNS the sea south of Falânia, ITKE the Sea of Ítikîr, west of Ivínia ~ is all sea?. These have very little land/islands and would require little information.

Medium: KLUA Kôrlúa and northwestern Hèpekéria, MNMA Menêma and northeast Hèpekéria are both like Karéjia (KRJA) with partial land and a lot of water, hence is Býria (BYRI)

Harder ones: All the ones not listed above on the NW Lythia map.

Personally I'm hoping for TRZN the region of Tríerzòn first up, mainly for the work I'm creating atm, it's also mostly done via Shôrkýnè & Emélrenè maps anyways. Fleshing out more around Lédenheim such as Huriséa & "Géltheim especially" to flesh out the history of the flow west of refugees that I'm working on. A bonuis would also include Ánvâl as it entails a ton of historic migrations. Others would be UMLR, RKSY, and completing the largest kingdom areas around GTHM, AZNN and AZNS. The last two are probably an enormous undertaking considering the sheer scale and history of Ázeryàn Empire, yet what I'm trying to do covers this stretch from Ûmélria to Tríerzòn and all that includes the regions in between.

This especially makes it hard when you have an idea and want to work on it, but need "more" to be done :P

Probably, from a map stand point, ELNS the Elánas and southeast Hèpekéria area is quite an interesting region. With it's unique landforms and dotted with water features.

Once all the regional maps are done, then it's just a matter of time to be able to zoom into. As a beginner in these matters, it's hard to imagine these areas with the few details we have, yet the previously released one (BYRI, THNA, QPHR and the newest KRJA) it's easier to get an understanding and appreciation for the amount of work and uncovering the splendour within them as each gets made and released.

Then the more detailed Map Squares would be a lot easier (in some ways ;) ) to create.

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If regional maps are what you are after, then you will be happy to know that there are a number in the pipeline. In the KP publishing queue, the bottleneck is almost always the artwork. (Editing and city/detail maps are also time sinks.) This means that there is a backlog of regional maps in inventory. The unofficial plan is to release some of these regional maps with just a gazetteer (similar to but somewhat more detailed than the map index already released for Santhrada) and just a modicum of text content. Hepekeria, Quarphor, and the Azeryan Peninsula are first in line for this treatment. There probably won't be another full module like Karejia until Santhrada is complete - that module will keep the artists busy for quite a while.

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Not surprised that the artwork is "the" bottleneck, people don't realise how much time and effort these things take. Nearly as bad as a writer with a blank page and just staring at it. Ain't going to get done without some effort.

In regards to Hepekeria, Quarphor, and the Azeryan Peninsula regional maps: Are these like Santhrada with a large number of regional squares?

ie. Hepekeria: KLUA, MNMA, FLNA, and ELNS as one. Azeryan Peninsula both AZNN and AZNS. Quarphor as a standalone regional covering QPHR. Or are these each as a separate square by themselves?

RKSY, GTHM, and UMLR seems to have fairly open area and little in relation to settlements, just as QPHR, so would be nice to see these all in one go too.

Or are these all planned like Karejia with expanded details as well?

Just trying to get my head in the teams roadmap and see what you all see.

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The upcoming maps (Hepekeria, Azeryan Peninsula) are at the regional scale - the same as Karejia, Thonia, etc.. Each module would consist of a map in that style plus a gazetteer/map index. The gazetteer won't be as detailed as Karejia's, but it will have more than the map index provided for Santhrada. There may be some additional text, as well.

There are two large-scale maps in inventory awaiting completion - Central Lythia and Kamerand. There are regional-scale maps in various stages of completion for every part of Venarive except Trierzon and Ivinia. Trierzon and Palithane are being mapped in the deluxe style seen in Shorkyne and Harn, while Ivinia is being left alone. And there are regional-scale maps in inventory for several archipelagos on the other side of the world - in time, we expect to map every inch of land on Kethira. But don't get too excited - it will take years to get through all of it.

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Hi again, my original question at the top of the thread seems to have been diverted! It's great to have some detail on the regional maps in the queue and I look forward to getting my grubby mitts on them, but is there anything more detailed in the pipeline - kingdom or city modules and maps, atlas squares etc?

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Looking forward to more of these regional scale modules then. More (released information) is better :D

Lookking forward to Trierzon and Palithane, more of the former :D

I do understand that these are nearing anytime soon, was just trying to get a heads up on what maybe coming next.

@ ElBray

Sorry didn't mean to detract/divert from your question, had a similar thought and thought we could get them all answered at the same time.

Which one(s) are you looking forward to?

Atlas and city squares would be nice. I suppose we all have our favourites. Sadly been a bit since seen atlas square(s) :(

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The diversion was not a problem - it's great to have more information on what might be coming over the horizon. My problem is lack of time to add detail to the regional stuff myself - so I like to see the city and kingdom modules and the atlas squares as they do all the heavy lifting for me! As for what I'd like to see, I really don't mind - though filling in the gaps in Harbaal as far as Atlas material goes would be good, but I'd also like to see something for the published regional squares too. A city or kingdom that isn't in NW Venarive would be great, to capture a more exotic feel and add variety.

Just my farthing worth, but I'm more than happy with what is coming out so please, please keep up the good work!


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I agree, seeing the rest of the Harbaal atlas maps completed would be cool. But that could be the completionist in me.

Regarding cities, has Kelestia ever considered releasing just the maps of a city (without any text)? For example, there's the map of Karemus that Robin did that was posted as part of Tara: Chapter 5. If there were a few of these city maps available that didn't currently have anyone working on the text for them, I for one would pay to have them. And while I can understand if this is something Kelestia doesn't want to do, as a GM severely lacking in map making skills and just as someone who likes looking at maps, I would love to see this.


I am loving Karejia. I'll post something more on the module when I have the chance.

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I totally agree. I would love to have the gaps filled, especially I7, I8, J8. That would esentially finish the Gulf region (with the exception of H9) which would certainly add interesting possibilities.

Karejia: Very cool! Keep rocking!

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Thanks for the comments folks. They help.

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What are the differences between the Gazetteers under maps (Menema, Elanas) and the regional modules that also have Gazetteer in their title (i.e. Tuvara)

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The Gazetteer Maps are maps with some details describing the locations on the maps. The Gazetteer Modules are more detailed. But they are both gazetteers of a region, with maps. :)