2021 Releases?

Alex Greene's picture

Can we talk about product releases in 2021? What have you got planned, what have you got on your wishlist, and so on?

ken's picture

Santhrada and Palithane are the main pushes right now, along with another project I'm not ready to name. Hopefully a number of smaller things can get done as well.

Here's to hoping!


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I hope that the last two Hepekeria modules are somewhere on the list, too. :)

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I keep checking back in myself....looking forward to any 2021 releases!

Fastred's picture

Yes - definitely - Falânia and Kôrlúa are both on the list :)

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Since we are going to be presented this year (I hope) with one of my favorite locations the kingdom of Palithane, and the Santhrada region (massive projects that i'm yeager to buy), I will only ask about near future plans and projects regarding a module on Shorkyne kingdom and a Trierzon kingdom module, I would love to see them and buy? And if you are going to continue publishing Shorkyne region square maps like for example K8, J8 and L8
Thank you for your amazing work!

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Woo-hoo! Palithane! But I'm with Gmad... more Shorkyne please!!!