The Ritual Of the Core

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What is the maximum possible TL for this ritual? It's "equivalent to a fifth level neutral spell" so does the 5xSB limit apply? In this case the maximum possible TL would be 35, assuming AUR and INT are both 18. If it doesn't apply, I guess in theory you could get it up to 95, with enough pluses.

I note that this is a lot harder than researching a Lvl V neutral spell, since the base TL is half Arcane Discipline instead of full.

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Well, I think this is right at the fringe of what SP3 covers, and the whole thing is marked as an 'optional rule', so we are into very speculative/your-Hârn-may-vary territory... That being said:

I personally would apply the whole 'research' structure of rules to the ritual, except that the Arcane Discipline is halved for RTL purposes, as noted. However, I also note that the process is actually NOT likely to be harder than researching a level V Neutral spell if the 5 x SB limit applies. Consider that you need 101+ Arcane Discipline and 101+ Arcane Lore to even attempt the metamorphosis; the 1/2 Arcane Discipline is therefore at least 50, minus 5 x spell complexity gives 25 and Arcane Lore SI is at least 10 - so I think you're at 35 RTL without any fancy effort, to be honest.

This really leads me to question the wisdom of the 5 x SB thing overall. All it is achieveing is to make most research rolls for advanced Shèk-Pvâr 5 x SB target level... Then again, only 20% of failures will be harmful or potentially debar further attempts, so maybe it's what was intended? The 5 x SB thus sets the 'target RTL', with the other considerations merely setting the time and assistance requirements in most cases (i.e. the researcher sets time, enhancement and other factors to 'hit' the 5 x SB RTL), perhaps?

So, in the instance of the Aur and Int 18 mage, SB = 7 and they are attempting the metamorphosis alone, so +14 total, and let's say they can get a focus and sanctum to give 15 total, then they could attempt a roll after 7.5 hours research (at -25) without compromising their 35 maximum RTL. Going to 3.75 hours would only reduce the RTL to 34, but then any failure would be critical, so probably a bad idea...

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I suppose I should have said that the two (spell research and the ritual of the core) would have the same limit.

I hadn't considered the ramifications of less time; I only considered 48 hours per level, which would amount to 20 days at 12 hours a day. I definitely like 7.5 hours better. :-)

Question: if someone wishes to spend some time per level that's between two levels on the table (e.g. 4 hours per level, which is between 3 and 6) do you interpolate the RTL mod, use the lower one, or do something else?

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It seems that the best way to implement the ritual is not to work out the mathematics and roll the numbers, but more about working out some details of the ritual and setting up the transformation as a short scenario taking place within a session.

You can work it out narratively, by having the Shek-Pvar reflect on their experiences with all six Convocations and asking themselves what underpins all of them - what they all have in common, and what it is they all fail to see as individual Convocations, namely that each Convocation on its own is by necessity incomplete until all six are brought together, like pieces of a puzzle - and that it's not about mastering six Convocations, but about mastering just the one, or something.

The climax would have the newly-minted Grey Mage emerge from all the soul searching and come out of their rainbow Sanctum a changed person.

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I'd say that, if the time spent is less than X per level but more than Y per level, you qualify for the Y per level modifier but not the X per level modifier (i.e. you use the worst of the two you fall between). The steps for modification are already only 5% per step, so anything finer is just gnat slicing to fiddle the critical chance, it seems to me! :-D