Venarive Poetic Map

Alex Greene's picture

Just thought I'd drop in a quick line to say how much I love the Venarive Poetic Map. This is one product I'd love to have printed out on a parchment-textured paper or even turned into a print on cloth - though I'd be satisfied with getting it printed out on an A3 sheet.

Once you've completed Hepekeria, any chance of getting your artist to create a poetic map of the subcontinent? I mean, there's so much potential for future projects - poetic maps of Karejia, Thonia / Byria / Tuvara, or Anzeloria spring to mind.

But right now, the Venarive Poetic Map is a sweet product. I mentioned it to the Friends of Harn Facebook group, to let them know that you're back with a vengeance.

Jan's picture

Thank you for taking the time to give this wonderful feedback! We're very happy you like the map. More poetic maps and a printed version of the Venarive map are great ideas. I will forward them to the team.