Inquiry - publication schedules

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Can you offer a general time line or specific date for the publication of material for:

a) Palithane


b) Trierzon



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Hi Jessee. I can't give up a definitive date for Palíthanè - but we are making good progress. The map is largely done, and much of the underpinning 'infrastructure' (names of clans, manors etc) is done. As you will have seen, a lot of development of the key nobles of the realm is done also. We are now into the actual drafting of the text, and in commissioning art.

A lot of work has been done on Tríerzòn - we need to do a fair bit just because we were doing Palíthanè, given how interconnected they are. But Tríerzòn is very large and there is still a lot more to do. I can however provide snippets as things are developed so you know things are moving along!

Thanks for your interest in both these realms :)


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Thanks for the update --- JAS