How do I purchase products from you without a Paypal account?

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How do I purchase products from you without a Paypal account? Thanks.

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Hi Pameshlu

While we use Paypal for payment processing, you don't need a "paypal account" to purchase from us, provided you have a credit card from one of the many countries that Paypal covers.

Paypal accepts major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard ® , American Express, and Discover.

Alternative Payment Methods

If you don't have a Paypal account, then simply choose one of these options when you are transferred to the Paypal site.

Full details on how to purchase products from can be found here:



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For what it is worth, I do not have a Paypal account, and have a debit card/Visa. Paypal WILL NOT process my purchases and refuses to tell me why. I was told they can' tell me "for my own protection". Thisis a big issue with non-Paypal customers checking out via payment through Paypal.It's all over Google. I can't even open an account with them...again...they won't say why. The ONLY way I can buy KP stuff is to have a friend login as me and use his Business Paypal account. I've got money I\d like to sped here withoug having to have my friend be my Paypal Daddy. This is ridiculous.

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We are very sorry about your trouble with PayPal. From what you describe, it seems like a frustrating situation. As we are not directly connected to PayPal and only user their services to handle payments made on, there is unfortunately no way for us to investigate or influence the issue you describe.

There is one thing you could try, though: You say you "can't even open an account with them". Could this have anything to do with the e-mail address you're trying to use for the account? Some e-mail providers or specific e-mail addresses can sometimes be blocked by certain services -- possibly due to their susceptibility to hacking or a connection to spam activity. Have you tried creating a PayPal account with a completely different e-mail address, one with a different domain, hosted by a different provider? There is no way for me to tell if that is what is actually causing your issue, but it might be worth a try at least.

Another idea would be to try to associate a different credit card or banking account with PayPal. I can't, of course, say whether this option exists for you, but if it does, it migh be worth a try as well.

The reason we use PayPal is the high level of security and reliability they offer for both our customers and for ourselves. Also, for most of our customers, transactions via PayPal work seamlessly and without any issues. We might offer additional payment methods in the future, but for the time being, PayPal and credit card payment via PayPal are the only options.

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Yes, I've tried both of your suggestions with a different email. PayPal has left a very bad taste in my mouth, since they have in essence told me t hey are not able to provide service to me for any reason, and won't ell me why. I do not blame KP, but since the only pay options you offer are via PayPal, either directly or via a credit card processed by them, you in essence are keeping me from being able to purchase from you without have my buddy buy my stuff for me like I'm a kid. If you offered Visa via another route, it would be not only more useful to the customer, but you'd get paid by people who may be silently experiencing my frustration. I have a player in my group who has experienced the same with PayPal (not with KP, but another service). A less devoted KP fan might just throw up their hands and say, ":Screw it, I guess KP won't get my business". It might be something to seriously consider. Most businesses, even small businesses, don't rely on one service to get paid for their service. I assure you, PayPal is making at least one KP customer EXTREMELY unsatisfied.

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We will definitely let you know if we ever add another payment option. Direct credit card payment is a possible candidate we might consider in the future.

Just to complete my list of suggestions, here is one more:

The user's web browser and even the operating system could be a potential reason PayPal refuses account creation. If you haven't tried this already, you might want to try using an up-to-date version of a commonly used browser like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari. Also, allowing certain cookies as well as JavaScript might be a requirement.