Different injury table

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I've been experimenting with different ways of doing injury tables. I included frame size as a factor. So someone with a massive frame is slightly more resistant to damage. By stacking it vertically could also allow for more symbols per damage category range. I could put a heart and a spade. The heart represents a stamina/endurance check, the spade a fumble.

The table is just a concept, so the impact damage and all the other stuff isn't fully complete. I'm thinking of expanding it to six colors, and each damage level represents 1d6 injury point roll. So a black level would do 6d6 injury points of damage.


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Hi Brimstone...

These are certainly interesting....

Sadly I'm not best qualified to give feedback on combat stuff...

But thanks very much for sharing this with everyone.

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I also explored the way the injury table was done in 3rd edition, but added six color injury levels and a method for frame to effect injury point damage. The usefullness of a universal table is demonstrated on endurcance checks. Instead of just testing a stat straight, to see if you live or die on a kill result (a heart on the table I made), you can have multiple results like Stun, KO, and Kill. Different tables could easily be made for each of the weapon aspects.


I do this for fun and enjoy sharing. It entertains my brain.

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Here is a four damage level injury table. Still my favorite injury table is 1st edition HarnMaster, so it has a lot of that influence. No fire or frost though, I have to do that seperate, but I think the trade off is worth it.