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My apologies an earlier posting which was meant to be in the 'private' area of this website :)

As a way of making up for the 'tease' (which was entirely unintentional), I thought I might post an outline of the contents of Venârivè, so people have a better idea of what we are working on:

* Introduction
* History
* Chronology
* Culture and Language - including cultural and linguistic groups, religious languages and scripts
* Societies and Government - including social organisation, class, family and structure of government
* Law - including crimes and punishments
* Military - including models of military organisation
* Economics and Trade - including rural economics, markets and urban centres, money and incomes, and trade and trade routes
* Guilds - including more details on the Mángai
* Daily life - including calendars and timekeeping, weights and measures, food and drink, clothing, housing and architecture, education and literacy, art and music, and sport and entertainment
* Folklore and legends - including creation myths
* Religion - including pantheons, minor and local gods and churches
* The Arcane - including the Guild of Arcane Lore and the Shèk-Pvâr
* Regions and Realms:
- Ivínia
- Hârbáal and the Gulf of Shôrkýnè
- Northern lands - Huriséa, Áltôr, Reksýna
- Hârn and the Gulf of Edérwyn
- Shôrkýnè and Tríerzòn, including Emélrenè, Palíthanè, Shôrkýnè and Tríerzòn
- the Empire of Ázeryàn
- principalities of Gôris and Lánkor
- Ûmélria
- Karéjia
- Hácherdad
- the Empire of Dalkésh
- Chogôro and Mafán
- northern Anzelôria
- the Empire of Býria
- Hèpekéria

Appendices include:
* Lìa-Kaváir
* Chantries of Venârivè
* Titles
* Colleges of Heraldry
* Languages and scripts
* Chéler trading houses (Kántehusen)
* Karéjian Larún
* Àzeryáni provinces and cities
* Notable personalities
* Incomes
* Locations list (for the map)

I hope that answers some queries.



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A introductory adventure or two...
Or even a mini campaign outline...

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Hi Allan

That is a good idea. I will see if we have time to include one - if not I will undertake to develop a free download adventure outline / campaign overview to go with the publication.


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It involved the idea of 'sleeping heroes', down throught the ages, that are awaiting the call, that summons them back to deal with some ragnarok style evil/event.
There is a group dedicated to watching for signs of this approaching doom, and have the knowledge to use an artifact that summons the 'sleeping heroes' back. But time has weakened the groups purpose or even remembering what is job was, and the correct use of the artifacts. The artifact or artifacts are lost for the summoning could be lost.
PC's are either members of this group or there parents are, or are recruited to its goal. Have to find the summoning artifact, work out how to use it and then deal with the returned heroes.
It could even be that the signs of the approaching ragnarok have been misinterpreted and it is not happening at all, or has already happened.
Brings in that sort of Arthurian myth of the sleeping hero that will come back when needed for the country.
Has the ability to move the PC's to different locations.
Anyhow, the credit for this idea goes to author John C Wright.

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Or maybe a twist to the tale - the legendary hero is 'undying' due to a connection with Durangash...

Or maybe an Earthmaster artefact that holds a person in stasis until the 'defrost' sequence is activated?

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Or a soul that is pulled back from their resting place with their god when a specific set of actions occures.

Or a ghost of a hero that has haunted an area for a specific reason (for being wronged) finds a way to rematerialise for a specific task.


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It could be like a Laranian alternative to Morgath Undead. 'You have the choice mighty hero to sleep until required. And when awoken you must fight'.

The problem is the great evil that would be required. Maybe a banished power (god), that is prophesied to return.

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I mean, the evil has to be big enough that a number of big name heroes, have gone to 'sleep', with the intent of being woken up some time in the future, to fight the threat.
I dont know if such a concept would work, outside a fanon production, as a number of hurdles have to be worked out.
I suppose the threat could come from one of the other worlds in the family.
I am only thinking on the fly, with no research, but maybe some imput from the canon writers, as to wether the idea would work.
This thread goes back to an earlier one that discussed Web of the Widow, and the big campaign idea that could have followed it.

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I suppose a banished Power/God is a little high up the pecking order for even Heroes to tackle, unless it was just its minions. I suppose you could look for something more low-key.
It could be a group, set up with the purpose of 'sleeping the heroes', against a more mundane threat, still maybe magical, but not gods tromping around on the world.
This same group is the one responsible for watching for the threat, and using the button that wakens the sleepers.
They may not have any religious affiliation.
Please bear in mind that I am currently working 80+ hours a week at the moment, so these late night ramblings, could just be the work of a mad man.

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One of the many responsibilities of some government agency is the maintenance of a secret shrine where (four/five/six/whatever) great heroes of old are interred. When the government agency learns of a great evil that has not only crossed from Yashain to Kethira, but created a rift through which Agrik's demonic hordes will soon pour, they realize that no mere mortals will be able to turn the tide and they resort to ancient magics to awaken the aforementioned heroes . . .

Government agency: Melderyn's Council of Eleven, the Shek Pvar, the Churches of Save K'nor and/or Larani, or some combination of the above. (All have representatives on the Council of Eleven, I believe.)

Great evil: Panaga (from the trilogy of the same name).

Rift location: the haunted halls of Kiraz (detailed in a module).

The above is no more than a twist on the Panaga trilogy with some cool scenery and a hostile third party or two (Gargun and barbarian tribes) thrown in . . . and you've got published material to guide you every step of the way! You could run it as the role-players BEING the heroes of old, which would be a great chance to create some truly powerful characters just for the fun of it, or run it as the role-players trying to (as previously mentioned) rediscover the great magics necessary to awaken the heroes (or find their resting place or whatever).

The problem with having the role-players handle the awakening is that it's a bit part. "Congratulations, you woke the heroes and they can save the day. Now back to your plow, peasant." If I were a player, I'd want to play the awakened hero who saves the day rather than the wannabe who steals the Staff of Life from under Panaga's nose . . .


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Thats some great idea's.
I had thought about the 'bit part', problem. I keep thinking the heroes all have large ego's, and the players play some role in getting them focused etc. And I keep thinking about that viking movie made by a Python, at least I think it was that one, with the gods all kids. Eg the heroes can be like squabbling kids, with ego's.
What was Panaga doing in the trilogy? Is it possible he was successful, and now moves to part X of his master plan.
The heroes in the single shrine may have been placed there with the intent of fighting the evil, but over time the reason and the activation have been muddled/lost.

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Having a little think, and the only problem with this scenario is the Harn Isle location. It needs a mainland connection to tie in with the Venarive production. Maybe the producers of said product have some idea's.

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The PCs only think they are awakening the ancient heroes. What they're really doing is summoning their spirits..into themselves. It's a shared possession of the body, the PCs (for the duration of the threat) will gain some marvelous abilities and (when neccessary) a few vital memories to aid them in THEIR quest to banish the big bad.

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I'm not sure how you mean the location of Harn being a problem?

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I love the possession idea, great.
As for a Harnic central plot, I was thinking that the new product with more info on the mainland, it would be easier to open up such an idea with the blank slate offered there.
What I am trying to say is, a scenario to involve the new material on the mainland. I had forgotton that the new material included Harn, I shall have to go back to the original content post.

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How about a twist, with the enemy being the God Siem, or its ageants. Being the first of the lesser gods, and the dream controller. Maybe it has some dark design to take back what was once given away. It controls and gains power over people using dreams. The land it loves, Kethira, is being despoiled and ruined, it left with the hope that this would not happen. I dont know, it needs a twist, and maybe some darker (from human perspective) aspect of Siem, is going to take it back.
Maybe Siem, feels the other gods are near to taking action, especially Morgath, and so acts first.
Daelda could have some role to play in this, as either the general of this invading Siem, or one of his chief supporters, and other Sindarin ploted to lock him away, so as not to stir up any more trouble.
So one of the first acts of the 'Return', is the 'return of Daelda', and his aggresive take-over of Sindarin lands.
This darker aspect of Siem was once the ruler of all, the master, with the lesser races as its toys, and it was forced to leave, but always it planned to return and reclaim.
Further ramblings of a sleep deprived mad man...

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...done by David Caudill, if I remember correctly.

Return of Lothrim from Yashan, where he has been working with Morgoth. Interesting concepts...
...I modified it by having Lothrim being one of the Morsindarin instead of Human.

This varient had Lothrim as one of the Elven knights with Daelda at the Battle of Sorrows. Thought that "Gwendoriel" (-2sp) was not aggressive enough in her approach and went to Lythia to stir up as much hate and discontent as he could (Targan Genocide, anyone?). Came back to Harn 800 years later and the rest is history.

Anyway, his attempted return to Kethira seems to qualify as a serious enough threat to waken the "Sleeping Heros" without Godly prescences involved (okay, okay he IS trying to come back as the "Unnamed God", but at least it isn't SIEM were about!!! And it is centered on Harn... Interesting, no?

The Ancient One has returned !!!
...senility and all !!!