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We were beginning a new campaign tonite, and our GM had the rulebook on his laptop as a pdf (first time we were using HM gold rules). We were at our usual table, a cozy basement at house of one of us players, and then we noticed we had no character sheets available. We tried using HM3 thingies we had lying about but soon noticed there was no room for all of the stats, so we begun to search the net for character sheets we could quickly print out and use (our host did not have any HM gold materials available on his machine). I thought that surely we'd find some sheets from but sadly noticed there was just the excel calculator (a good tool, but not suitable for our current needs as we like the pen-and paper feel). After some rummaging about the net we found the ones at Bill Gant's pages and used them :)
But. Wouldn't it be nice (and kind of) logical to find some .pdf character sheets on this site too?

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Well, um, you could have saved yourselves the bother and printed out pages 129-131 of HMG (player module) a few times...

But, yeah, I'm surprised they are not available as a separate free download hereabouts...


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Mayhap this will do?

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Quick and ...

Great work.

Thank You