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I've been skimming over the files on the site trying to decide what to get if anything. Since Harn seems very complicated but I love the realism and development of the world- seems to focus more on characters and their development vs. stats.

Can anyone back this up? And perhaps point me too good short descriptions/ideas for Harn. I don't do well with mechnics but I am soo entriuged by the world.

Are there any online roleplaying groups that use Harn? (I know Harshlands but it seems to be a little hard for me to play on there not sure why)

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You are correct. The nature of the harn-master rules system emphasizes character development over physical/mental statistics.

Sure, the stats are important (nearly all skills (etc) are derived from them), but the gritty realism of the rules (not to mention the world if you use canon) requires players to ROLE-PLAY out encounters/situations. The typical 'hack-n-slash' approach does not end well for most folks. lol

I *love* the HMG game mechanic. Period.

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Yeah I seriously want that but RL people seem to be more into the hack and slash stuff - though I guess I can try to get them into it. Any on-line versions of such Harn play other than Harshlands that anyone knows about? Even if its PBEM or PBP?

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"RL people seem to be more into the hack and slash stuff"

That complaint's been around ever since I can remember, and I played my first RPG 28 years ago.

So you either need to modify your campaign to provide more "goodies" or else spend some effort getting your players to mesh with what you're doing. I found that as a GM, HarnMaster's combat injury rules and lack of easy-to-buy healing potions quickly got my players to start paying attention to the kind of game I wanted to run. Dark and dangerous.

"Any on-line versions of such Harn play"

There are several PBEM games actively discussed over on

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Is just getting geared up over at:

you might try that one.

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looks interesting, but not sure my e-mail is getting through; no response anyway.


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