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What seems like ~forever~ ago, I saw a paper on personality sun-sign traits (I believe Robin had written it) based on the Harn astrological zodiac. I've been looking for that paper for years now, to no avail. Anyone still have a copy of it rattling around in a hard-drive anywhere?

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It sounds like what you are thinking of is the 'Astrology'article that appeared in Encyclopedia Harnica 7 and 8. The 'personalities and symbolism' section was in EH8, I would guess (from my copy, which is separated and in a binder...).

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That may very well be correct. I'll try to wrestle down the articles and verify.

It would also explain as to why I have had a devil of a time trying to dig up a copy online or in my numerous binders, as I (sadly) don't have either of those Encyclopedia Harnica issues.

Thank you for the heads up!

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So far I haven't see anything on the Harn Signs and personalities stuff. Its like it was added in (they're listed in the books) but we're not told anything about them.

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Encyclopedia Harnica 8 contains the Astrology II article. The pages are numbered Astrology 5-8. The personality traits of the various signs are described. For example:

Persons born under Ulandus are said to have an affinity with nature, to live constantly changing lives, but to tenaciously maintain a profound sense of personal identity. They are reliable in their ways and are said to possess the kind of wisdom that can lend strength in troubled times. They often seem aloof from the world around them, although they will bend enough to survive the winds of change. Their lives are more governed by the universal cycles of growth and decay than by the actions of others.