Venârivè errata - fixed

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Some little problems I've found with Venarive, mostly typos:

101: Techel, the island, is referred to as Dinibor.

103: How can 54 independent principalities cover 143 small-holdings if they encompass 2 at most? That makes the limit 104. Or am I misunderstanding something?

118: The Gaden is described as forming the northern border with Trierzon; if I read the map correctly it forms only a tiny part of it, if at all.

138: Administrative Organisation: para 2: "there is are sets" for "there are sets".

140: Military: para 6: "Dalkesh as" for "Dalkesh has".

143: Again from the map, the Shunanti river is not the border with Amvar. (I think a trade route has been confused with the border.)

153: Religion: "relgion" for "religion" and "famoust" for "famous".

155: History: first instance of "Menêman" should be "Menêma".

158: I think the reference to the Qaf River should be the Qálba.

163: Tredâroth: dates should be BT.

166: Tarl: "arcanists" for "arcanist".

171: 2nd last para: "short of" for "sort of".

181: Naveh: "Jonâra" for "Janôra".

192: Kulavandra II: "montsh" for "months".

198: Most boats show the cost as "/ft2", without the 2 being superscript. Is this in any case correct? IIRC the cost of a boat is proportional to the square of its length, not its square footage.

199: Land, suburban: should be bought from "Landowner" not "Mason", presumably.

201: While this price list seems to be the most exhaustive yet, it could have done with a bit of reviewing based on the rest of the module. Braes are pretty well ubiquitous in Lythia and yet they don't appear among the clothing prices! Less urgently the musical instrument list could do with expanding to cover the instruments described elsewhere.

216: Twice "neep" appears for "neap".

220: Variable Precipitation: "Cold" is above freezing, so the greatest chance should still be for rain, which is shown as not being an option.

221: Ubárian: Northeast is listed twice: one of these should be northwest.

Lest I give the wrong impression: by and large the quality of Venarive is very high. I've been waiting for something like this for years. Many thanks!

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Thanks Ian...

Even with all the hours of checking and reviewing, we knew there would be some slips... Thanks for taking the time to point these out.

We will get right on to addressing them. Once they are incorporated, I will let everyone know, and you will be able to re-download the updated file.


PS - if anyone else spots a typo, please feel free to email me - fastred AT mac DOT com


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Hi everyone

These issues have now all been fixed.

If you have already purchased Venârivè, please feel free to download an updated version.

All new downloads will have these fixes included.