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    Nice. Thanks.

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    Thank you for your interest in the Atlas Kelestia bundles, but we don't sell these bundles (or any other product bundles) at the moment. The maps can be purchased individually, of course.

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    The Venarive Map product contains more advanced versions of the ones from the Venarive module.

    The zip file for the Venarive module contains the map PDFs VenariveMap_100 and VenariveMap_SingleLayer_100, and the Venarive Map module contains the PDF maps VenariveMap_110 and VenariveMap_110_SL, along with two JPG maps, Venarive-Textured-Base and Venarive_Textured_Grey_Base beyond that.

    So the maps you get when you purchase the Venarive module are fine for the module, but beside that, the Venarive map module allows you to look beyond those other maps. You can get the best of both worlds if you buy both - but if you buy the Venarive module alone, the accompanying maps give you everything you need, while the Venarive map module gives you all of that, and yet more.

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    Indeed it is, thank you! One other minor note on Forum functionality: your reply didn't cause the dot by the "Customer Service" title to go red, so I only just caught the update because of the date of last post. I assume that the dot turning red is intended when there is/are new Post(s)?

    Edit: editing of replies is indeed fixed, as this demonstrates :-)

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    And now the second regional Gazetteer, for the Elanas, Xerium, Arlanto, and the eastern half of Falania, has been published. That the southeastern module. Menema Gazetteer covered the northeastern quarter.