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  • Reply to: Premium content   17 hours 25 min ago

    It's back already. :)

    It can now be found in the "Free Stuff" section but will only appear for Premium Users (so you need to be logged in to access it).

  • Reply to: Premium content   19 hours 2 min ago

    Will the premium content be coming back on this new site?

  • Reply to: New website!   2 days 21 hours ago

    I'm glad you like the new layout. :)

    We're thinking about ways to re-add the "recent forum posts" without making things look too crowded.

  • Reply to: New website!   3 days 18 hours ago

    Aesthetically, I'm loving it; given a bit of time I'll assess how it works to get around and find what I'm looking for (too early to say, yet, but no major bloopers!) Just two issues so far: (i) logging in was a problem for a while (thanks to Jan for swift assistance!) and may benefit from either a notice or tweak, and (ii) I slightly miss having notification of new Forum posts on the front page.

    Overall, nice! :-)

  • Reply to: POD   5 days 10 hours ago

    We are looking into options for POD.