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    You can also find some price lists at and in the Search Downloads field enter "Price Lists" and then follow the links. Everything on is free to download and is written by fans of all things Harn.

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    The Venarive module has a comprehensive price list, containing both everyday goods and adventuring equipment.

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    Hi, Sam.

    I think Robin's view was that prices and such are really mostly associated with the game world, rather than the rule set. However, HârnMaster Gold is designed to be run in the world of Hârn and Venârivè, and you will find price lists in publications such as Venârivè and HârnWorld that are suitable to your needs if you are running in those settings. Note that prices may differ from location to location in those settings; this is the driving force of trade, the lifeblood of Venârivan civilisation, so you may find that different price lists have slightly different values for certain goods. The trade maps in several of the world publications will give an overall idea of what drives these differences.

    Now, if you are thinking of running in a world other than Kèthîra, you will, strictly speaking, need to create your own prices and economic background. You might find it useful or easier, though, to take one of the price lists from a published world and assume that the local economy generates the same set of values for whatever reasons - reasons that can be generated later, if the need arises...

    I hope that helps!

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    The Gazetteer Maps are maps with some details describing the locations on the maps. The Gazetteer Modules are more detailed. But they are both gazetteers of a region, with maps. :)

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    That's correct, we don't sell product bundles anymore. All Chelemby products are available for individual purchase, of course.