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    Has a decision explicitly been made to no longer offer bundle discounts, or will bundles return once the December website overhaul is fully complete?

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    So treat them as PHarn material.

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    Hi Allan,

    The Harn Regional Interactive map is Robin's ultimate version of Harn. He was always tinkering and updating his material and had he lived longer I expect we would have seen updated kingdom maps as well. We have an updated Chybisa, but alas, that is the only one he was able to see completed.

    I would read that cropland as currently cultivated, and that probably rules out ruined manors. Could it perhaps be cropland not associated with any manor? Seems unlikely that the authorities would allow squatters. Perhaps we are talking about land that is attached to an existing manor in the form of hamlets?

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    Yes, we're still trying to find a reasonable alternative. I'll let you know of any further developments.

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    Got it and replied. Your email showed finally in my spam email folder, but I have not seen any others. Thank you. I guess until you let me know of another route, I am out of luck. I can pay other ways if you have them available, but Paypal is a dead end for me at this time (not by my choice or anything I have done).