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    Roll20 is a great tool. During these "social distancing" times, my RPG groups use it quite regularly.

    I just checked the Roll20 community character sheets, and the only two available for Hârn seem to be for HârnMaster 3. Roll20 gives you the option of creating your own sheets, though.

    My groups usually use regular non-electronic character sheets and make the checks manually using the dice roll syntax. We find that this method keeps more of the tradtional feel alive. It is also more flexible -- because once we can meet again in person (whenever that may be), we can continue to use the same sheets.

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    I've been collecting references to the Earthmaster sites in the various modules in my possession. So far, here's what I have found listed.
    Ábrelyn, earthmaster site (Emélrenè)
    Anísha, earthmaster site (Hârn)
    Aráka-Kalái, special site, earthmaster site (Hârn)
    Ázadmêre, earthmaster site (Hârn)
    Bejíst, special site, earthmaster site (Hârn)
    Chérafîr, earthmaster site (Hârn)
    Chiâfra, earthmaster site (Mafán: Chifâr)
    Clagédè, earthmaster site, henge, center of the Savorya-aspected Clágdyn-Lællyn Laellyn zone (Emélrenè)
    Dínibôr, earthmaster site (Chélemby)
    Dívcheran, earthmaster site (Lánkor)
    Ekáldarin, earthmaster / henge site (Tríerzòn)
    Elkáll-Anùz, earthmaster site (Hârn)
    Êrdar, earthmaster site (Ûmélria / Ketârh)
    Gedân, earthmaster site (Hârn)
    Hârhakeim, earthmaster site (Ivínia, Kuzjêra)
    Hléjis, earthmaster site (Hârbáal)
    Íljânes / Lankôrium, earthmaster site (Lánkor)
    Imêrùva, earthmaster site (Shôrkýnè: Loála)
    Kiráz, earthmaster site (Hârn)
    Kóndasgel, earthmaster site (Ivínia, Kuzjêra)
    Kôrkorum, earthmaster site (Ivínia)
    Léios, earthmaster site (Karéjia)
    Marúchom, earthmaster site (Ivínia, Lókis)
    Pesíno, earthmaster site (Hârn)
    Rídow, earthmaster site (Hârn)
    Saoqar, earthmaster site (Byria)
    Télumâr, earthmaster site (Hârn)
    Tésien, earthmaster site (Hârn)
    Úlaia, earthmaster site (Hèpekéria)
    Xêrtu, earthmaster site, possible airmaster site (Emélrenè)
    Xmíen, earthmaster site (Hèpekéria)
    Xyrýam, earthmaster site (Ivínia)
    Yaélarhondè, earthmaster site (Ûmélria)

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    Add Saoqar, Byria.

    Unless it's just a really deep hole. Which is possible, but not particularly romantic.

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    Oshynn spends the day in the garden of the Fyvrian Chantry, where Valona and Salin leave her alone. Mohan, the Khuzan, joins her and they share a small meal in the grounds, in a section of the garden which is partly-bound with high walls covered in climbing plants.

    The centre of this enclosure houses a pleasant water fountain, a gift from the Odivshe Chantry; its flowing waters keep this area cool and tranquil even in the hottest Summers, a place of quiet contemplation.

    They speak of their lives back home on Harn. Oshynn describes life in Shiran as the daughter of a former courtesan who quit the game. Mohan tells her of Kuzhai life, the work ethic, the almost-religious belief in a mechanised society, where everybody was defined by the function they performed for the State. Mohan mourned the fact that they realised that their function in Kuzhai society was to be the grit in the gears. Mohan has a vast Aura, but apparently no aptitude for Jmorvi magic whatsoever.

    They go for a walk in the gardens, and Oshynn points out several species of plants which she has never encountered before. She identifies a blight beginning to spread in a far corner of the garden, a rust slowly consuming a fruit-bearing climbing herb. She scrutinises the rust, and determines that its presence is an accident, something brought in on a seed, perhaps, by a Mavar. She spends a moment creating the form of her favourite Fyvrian spell to draw out the rust into a container of some sort. Mohan digs up the goose egg she'd used previously, and Oshynn transfers the fungus into it.

    Realising that the rust could break from its confinement and spread from the egg if it is reburied, Oshynn resolves with Mohan to take the egg out of the Chantry and dispose of it in a place where it will do no harm.

    The river seems like a good choice. Oshynn and Mohan head down to the banks of the Es, and look for a suitable spot.

    They see a silvery shape on a grassy bank, taking a drink out of the river. It's a young fox, weaned and on its own. It looks up as Oshynn approaches. They both look at one another. Oshynn even cocks her head to one side. The fox glances at the river, as if to explain what it had been doing. Oshynn looks at the river again.

    The fox takes a step back, and leaps into the waters. There is a splash, a blur of motion, and the fox emerges onto the grassy bank with a fish in its mouth. It looks at Oshynn once again, before scampering away with its meal.

    Oshynn looks at Mohan, but the Khuzdul is looking at something else. A short distance away, three Berema citizens had watched the whole exchange with awed expressions. As the bystanders look on, Oshynn digs a hole into the dark river mud, drops the rotten egg into it, and replaces the mud, giving it a stamp down to crush the egg beneath.

    'I hope they don't think that I did some sort of act of witchcraft or something,' Oshynn asked Mohan.

    Mohan looks at her. 'I think they're probably more interested in what you did with the fox.'

    'In what way?'

    Mohan glances in the direction where the citizens had stood. 'You don't know?'

    'No,' Oshynn replies. 'I've never been here before.'

    'Did you notice anything unusual about that little fox?'

    'Its fur was silver,' Oshynn replies.

    'Silver-furred Jerinalian foxes are sacred animals around here,' Mohan replies. 'To hunt or kill one is abhorrent. But to befriend one is unheard of, and you just made a friend of one.'

    'Why are they sacred?'

    'Silver foxes are said to be some sort of spirit folk,' Mohan says. 'The people of Berema prize quick wit and charm, and you just helped a fox to catch a slippery fish.'

    'I wasn't even thinking,' Oshynn replies. 'I just ... saw the silver in the water, and it saw it and jumped in and caught it.'

    'By the time you get back to the Scholarium,' Mohan says with a grin, 'the rumours will have it that you all but bewitched that fish to jump out of the water and into its mouth.'

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    I've read what you've posted so far on Oshynn. I'm looking forward to more. :)