Elánas Gazetteer - Hèpekéria's Treacherous Southern Straits

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Regional map and gazetteer of the southeastern region of Hèpekéria. Covers the Kingdoms of Árlanto and Xêrium, and the eastern part of the Falânian Federation, as well as tribal lands of the Naj'er Númec, the Búqdin, Elánasi and Hérei.

Named for the reef-filled and treacherous waters that separate Hèpekéria from Northern Anzelôria - the Elánas - this region is something of a backwater due to the difficulties of maritime passage through these waters.

The gazetteer includes information on:

  • Árlanto - a region that was once part of the Ázeryàn Empire, but now dominated by settled Hérei folk who have adapted the Àzeryáni estate system to their clan-based society, each estate a tributary to the Priest-King of Árlanto. The towns of Árlanto, Falmkúsi, Úvika and Mágadika as well as key local marketplaces and provincial seats are identified.
  • the eastern Falânian Federation - around a quarter of the people of the Federation live on this map, where the major city of Bothísa is located. Bothísa has a substantial number of descendants of Dálken refugees, and is Falânia's most important port. Other towns and ports in the area are identified, as are the Umbeygs (tribal leaders) with significant presence in there region.
  • Kingdom of Xêrium - a successor realm to an Àzeryáni province, ruled by the Synod of Wisdom, an oligarchy of landowners and merchants. Both Laránian and Àgríkan clerical and fighting orders are key players in the politics of the realm. The key towns of Xêrium, Týrich, Zárides, Syrénè and Gûrot are identified as are all provincial seats, legion outposts and key markets.
  • tribal areas and other points of interest - including information on the Búqdin, Elánasi, tribal Hérei and the Naj'er Númec. Other points of interest covered include several volcanos (including areas highest pea), a salt mining community, a deep-water zone with dangerous creatures, and a secret stronghold of the Zawán (bards) of the Númec.

This module includes an electronic map suitable for printing at 50cmx37.5cm (20”x15”).

Over 100 geographical locations are described.

This publication is part of the Atlas Venârivè Series, which supports Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia.

SE Hèpekéria Map