Kingdom of Emélrenè

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By Jeremy Baker, Robert Schmunk and N. Robin Crossby, with contributions from Matt Roegner and Keléstia Productions Staff. Illustrations by Marc Grunert, Ganbat Badamkhand and Juha Makkonen. Cartography by N.Robin Crossby, Ken Snellings, Jeremy Baker, and Robert Schmunk.

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108 pages (illustrated in colour), with schematic maps and tables.

Emélrenè is the last great Járind realm of Venârivè. The kingdom has existed for over fourteen centuries, and it has held back invaders as powerful as the Empire of Ázeryàn. Yet the dangers within the kingdom’s borders are far greater than any external threat, and the rulers of the realm are increasingly concerned as warning signs grow.

Has the day of reckoning come for the kingdom of the Eméla?

This comprehensive module includes the following sections:

  • Overview of the geography, climate, ecology and population of the realm.
  • Information on the unique and dangerous ethereal environment of the region.
  • Natural and supernatural flora and fauna.
  • History of the Eméla people.
  • Culture, including an in-depth look at the Emélan view of the world, key annual events, and the arts and cuisine of the realm.
  • Folklore, identifying major myths and legends.
  • Society, a detailed exploration of the complex social structure of Emélrenè, including the unique social class of the Émhlè or 'Free Eméla'.
  • Religion, covering both the unique Cult of the Covenant, as well as the local forms of worship of the Kéthrian gods.
  • Arcane Societies, providing information on the significant number of such organisations within the realm, and their particular roles and activities.
  • Government, providing detailed information on leading individuals, the royal court, the Emélan Council, the Order of the Ebon Pearl, royal office holders, as well as town and feudal government.
  • Emélan Diplomacy, an introduction to the numerous foreign activities of the Emélan state.
  • Military Forces, providing information on standing forces, as well as militias and the great annual feudal musters, with their associated tournaments and fairs.
  • Economy, broad information on trade, products, coinage, fairs and markets.
  • Towns and Settlements - detailed information on 130 major settlements and locations, organised by shire.
  • Additional reference material: religious holdings, special locations, Émhlè ranges and clans, class, ethnicity and religious affiliation, military statistics, key dates, Emélan noble honorifics, common Emélan names, a list of great clans, and finally an extensive glossary of Emélan words.

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