Emélrenè Map (interactive PDF)

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By N. Robin Crossby and Jeremy Baker. Contributions from Ken Snellings and Robert Schmunk.
3 PDF documents and an XLS spreadsheet,
(1 interactive, multi-layered PDF map; 1 "flat" un-layered PDF map showing only the default content; 1 eight-page geographic index PDF; and 1 Excel XLS file version of the index)

A fully interactive map of the kingdom of Emélrenè, and of surrounding regions and realms, including the Duchy of Álagon, the island of Mèlderýn and northern Palíthanè.

This map is designed to support our Kingdom of Emélrenè publication.

The vegetation and relief layer makes geographical features in this region clearer than ever before.

Emélrenè Map

This version includes all of the geographical and settlement features from N. Robin Crossby’s original Tríerzòn map which covered this area, but also includes neighbouring elements from the Shôrkýnè and Hârn maps.

This map is in the same style as Keléstia Productions' Hârn and Shôrkýnè Interactive Maps, providing the same level of functionality and flexibility, but focussed on a smaller area.

This interactive PDF includes the following layers:

  • Frame and Legend
  • Geography, Maritime, and River features
  • Principal, Secondary, and Religious Settlements
  • Special / Hidden Features
  • Major Mines, Resources, and Fauna
  • Navigation Features and Ferry Routes
  • National, Shire/County, and Hundred/Barony Boundaries
  • Paved and Unpaved Roads
  • Tracks and Trails
  • 25-League Square Grid and 5-League Hex Grid
  • Coastal outline
  • Vegetation and Relief layer

Note: For the interactive map to display layers correctly, you need Adobe's Acrobat Reader of at least version 6.x (or higher).

A 'poetic' map of Emélrenè and the surrounding regions is available as a free supplement to this product.

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