Hârn Regional Map (printed)

Price: $25.00

By N. Robin Crossby
Physical printed documents
1 printed map (22 x 34 inches), 1 geographic index (3 printed loose-leaf pages)

A brand new, and definitive version of one of the best-loved fantasy maps ever made, available in both printed and interactive multi-layered PDF file formats.

All new vegetation and relief makes geographical features clearer than ever before. This is the most detailed map of Hârn ever made.

Complete replication of all geographical & settlement features from N. Robin Crossby’s 1983 Hârn Map, with many additional features identified. There are more than 500 geographical and settlement features on this map.

The hex grid has been omitted from the printed version to conserve the map’s physical beauty. This is one of the most ‘artful’ fantasy maps ever published. It looks more like a satellite photo than a topographic map, yet has all the detail of the original 1983 map (and much more).

This printed version is produced using a ‘green’ printer, on heavy stock, and shipped unfolded in a durable mailing tube. It is suitable for hanging on the wall with or without framing.

The printed sheet is 22 x 34 inches.
Map field is 75 x 50 centimetres + Legend etc.
Scale: 5 cm : 100 km.
Area shown = 1,500,000 km2 (93,750 Hârnic Square Leagues).

An 'extra' column of grid squares is added on the western edge of the map to an correct error in original 1983 map. There are now 15 x 10 grid squares.

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